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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why Cruz is not on the Supreme Court list

Donald Trump's release of his list of 11 finalists for the open seat on the Supreme Court painted Hillary Clinton in the corner. She cannot release such a list. President Obama already appointed his suggestion for Senate consideration. However, not only did Trump box her in, he flummoxed the Never Trump crowd. His list is so conservative that not supporting him is now akin to not supporting the nomination of a conservative justice.

Trump friendly Roger D. Simon wrote:
I could go on, but the point is this — Trump, thus far, has delivered as promised.  This list would build a Supreme Court that most, if not all, Republicans could more than live with for many years.  I know there will be holdouts who will claim Trump is prevaricating and will end up nominating, say, Gloria Allred (not very likely, I think).  Or that he should have Ted Cruz on the list.  Who knows?  Over time that could change.
But I think I can confidently say the #NeverTrump movement just took a mortal blow.
The Never Trump reaction was led by Jim Geraghty of the National Review.
The actual column was not as nasty.

But come on. The guy picked his Supreme Court nominee before he picked his vice president. That shows his seriousness.

Dan McLaughlin's column was good, except for this part:
Third, the list has one glaring absence: Ted Cruz. Cruz has said that he doesn’t want to be on the Court, but that would not stop a savvy GOP nominee from floating his name and trying, when elected, to convince him to take the job. Naming Cruz would have five benefits. One, it would be a sop to his supporters, many of them still licking their wounds from the primary. Two, it would show a measure of grace and desire for party unity, unlike the “you’ll get nothing and like it!” message Trump has thus far mostly been selling to the 60% of the party who voted against him. Three, few things would endear Trump more to GOP Establishment Senators than the prospect of being rid of Ted Cruz. Four, if Trump actually won the election, Cruz would inevitably become the leader of the intra-party opposition and a constant thorn in President Trump’s side. And five, Cruz would also be the most likely person willing and able to challenge Trump in a 2020 primary. The fact that Trump didn’t include him on the list suggests either petty vindictiveness, a lack of political foresight, or perhaps simply that even Trump doesn’t envision a scenario where Donald Trump is the President in 2017.
Sorry, but Ted Cruz defecated where he now wishes to dine. Cruz's unsportsmanlike conduct in stealing delegates Trump won -- showed just what kind of a jackass Cruz is. He is a Bible-thumping, Constitution-waving politician. So was Bob Byrd. Cruz's call to TrusTed was another warning signal that he is not to be trusted. Whenever a politician says trust me, put your hand on your wallet.

Trump could forgive Cruz, but Republicans cannot. Cruz is now viewed unfavorably by Republicans. He blew his credibility when he CheaTed.


  1. While I never "clicked" with Cruz personality-wise, I would always put him in the "good" column (which is an elite list, to say the least) .
    After this primary, I have reassigned him to the "lawyer/politician" list.
    The one good thing is that it meant I did a lot more research and separated his grand-standing from his actual record.
    Gowdy is another grand-stander whose record is more spotty than his mouth would lead us to believe, btw.

  2. Pshah! When it comes to voter appeal, Donald Trump's plain-speaking common sense is no match for the NeverTrumpers' unilateralist existential immaterialism.

    Now, back to that perpetual-motion machine.

  3. I can't see how Trump could put ted cruz's name on the nomination list. Trump is a team player...ted isn't.

    Ted has shown his true colors and sportsmanship isn't one of them.

    In my opinion to effectively sit on the Supreme Court bench, you have to be a team player and I see ted as a loner and a sour one at that.
    Of course it doesn't help any that though you may know the Constitution inside out ted, your actions in these Presidential Primaries have shown you to be a sore loser and a man who either doesn't understand the 'spirit' of the Constitution as regards the 'Will of the People' or doesn't give a damn for the people's will as his wants are of the greater precedence.
    Ted appears to be an all or nothing at all type personality.

    Sam C

  4. Apparently, Senate conservatives would prefer Mike Lee (brother of prospective Trump choice, Tom) over Cruz, so he's worn out his welcome even there.

    As for McLaughlin's Point 1, most former Cruz supporters have made the jump to a vote not cast for Trump is a vote for Hillary, so it's unnecessary.

    Besides, I think Cruz will be vetted a bit more closely when he rums for re-election.

  5. Cruz has suspended his campaign but he hasn't actually withdrawn his name from consideration at the convention, hasn't he? That means he's still officially a presidential candidate. If Trump had put Cruz's name on the list, that would have been pretty disrespectful of a competitor who is still running for the same office. The fact's of life are that Cruz is all but done and Trump is the presumptive nominee, but that's not official until the convention makes it official. Until then, Cruz supporters should not be dissing Trump for not dissing their man.

  6. President Trump would not have the authority to appoint judges to the Canadian Supreme Court, so no Ted.

    1. Dang it! Ted's NOT a Canadian citizen anymore.