Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. A coal miner is a coal worker, but not necessarily the other way around. The coal industry employs people in many jobs that are not directly involved in the actual mining of coal. As far as HRC and the national media are concerned, they are either ignorant of any distinction or deliberately trying to obfuscate the issue. - Elric

  2. ORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, she's thinking a sex worker.

    The media is just taking their lead from their boss lady.

  3. It could come as a natural assumption to anyone indoctrinated in Marxism.

    Marx (at least in English translation) equated "workers" with "creators of value", thus lumping factory workers, farmers, miners, etc. into one class. "Creators of value" was his functional distinction between them and those who used but didn't create value, like those dastardly capitalists. Where everybody else, like soldiers, circus performers, or insurance salesmen fit into the national economy, Marx didn't really say.

  4. Not unlike basketball ring or Lambert Field.

  5. Natives of St. Louis have been referring to Lambert International Airport as Lambert Field forever as that was the original name of the airport so that was not a gaffe.

    1. I think the mistake was confusing Lambert Field (the airport) with Lambeau Field, the stadium used by the Green Bay Packers.

  6. Not according to corpse men in all 57 states.