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Friday, May 27, 2016

Trump ready for Crazy Bernie

Little Marco, gone. Lyin Ted, gone. Crooked Clinton, going. Up next: Crazy Bernie.

In the polls, Bernie Sanders enjoys a double-digit lead over Donald Trump because few voters in America know much about Bernie.

Everyone knows about Trump, right? But Bernie? He's an old guy who looks like that professor in the "Blinded Me With Science" video.

Don't worry. Trump will dispatch of him. At a rally on Wednesday in Anaheim, Trump used the sobriquet, which he tested at earlier rallies:
Crooked Hillary! She's as crooked as they come. She had a little bad news today. Not so good. The inspector general's report. Not good.
But I want to run against Hillary. I just want to run against her. Look, I don't know if you're going to be able to. It could be we run against Crazy Bernie. That could be. He's a crazy man, but that's okay. We like crazy people.
Of all the nicknames he has attached to his rivals, it is the best.

And if you think he will be friendly with that monikers, consider what else Trump said in Anaheim:
We have a person running for office who is not equipped to be president, she doesn't have the temperament to be president. She's got bad judgment. She has horribly bad judgment. That was stated by none other than Crazy Bernie.
Bernie said that Hillary Clinton has bad judgment, If you look at the war in Iraq, look at what she did with Libya, a total catastrophe.
And by the way, with Benghazi and with our ambassador, remember, that's all Hillary Clinton, folks. Let me tell you something. If she wins, and I hope she doesn't, but if she wins, you better get used to it because you will have nothing but turmoil and you will have nothing but four more years of Obama, and you can't take that. Our system and our country can't take it,
A showdown between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders would decide whether our country will choose capitalism or communism. That is not a crazy idea.


  1. Dare we hope he has already put Hillary away?

  2. I hope Bernie has hired a taster.
    and doesn't fly in small, chartered

    1. Against either democrat candidate the central issue is national sovereignty vs global submission. Capitalism vs socialism is part of it, but it's foundation is whether or not self government, such as it is, will or will not continue here.

    2. My point was Bernie is in the
      Clintonian crosshairs-hasn't
      been a good thing for people in
      the past...

  3. The Modern Left will talk, talk, talk about the "ladder of opportunity" like a life insurance agent gone mad ... and then kick the ladder away should anyone actually get their foot on the lowest rungs.