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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trump makes Bill his trump card

Meet the new ad. Same as the old ad. In January, Trump released an ad that pointed out the sexual abuse by Bill Clinton and others in Hillary's circle.

Within a week, her 24-point lead over Sanders dropped to single digits.

Now this new ad appears.

Trump ran this ad to unite the party. Republicans detest the sex, lies and videotape of the Clinton Era. This ad gives him a lot of credibility. By going there, Trump shows Republicans that he is fearless and will slay that dragon.

With Trump, there will be no more cowering before the liberal media or apologizing for being a Republican. He is the alpha male in the race who just neutered Bill Clinton politically.

Jeb would not do this. High road and all that. Of course, the high road does not lead to victory.

Rubio would not do this. Focus groups might not like the robo-candidate as much if he did that.

Cruz would not do this because he has a few too many skeletons in his closet.

But Trump does not care. He knows the Clintons. He knows the public. He knows how to win.

He entered this race to win, and the man they dismissed as a clown last summer will wreak even more havoc this summer.

The same people saying his lead today (narrow as it is) is only temporary said the same thing last summer.

And after his disaster in Wisconsin when they said he would not get 1,237, who told you 1,378? That's right. Me.

Coming in June -- "Trump the Press: Don Surber's take on how the pundits blew the 2016 Republican race."


  1. Do you think that if Hillary wins and she makes Bill her 'economy czar' that Bill will attempt an economy-wide BTU tax similar to his first legislative effort in 1993?

  2. Don, his lead IS only temporary. I see a big increase in his lead a-comin, comin' round the bend...

  3. Willie was a sack of slime with no real political ability save that attributed to him (instead of Dick Morris) by a compliant press as he coasted on the Reagan economy.

    All it needed was some guts and Trump has that to spare.

  4. Trump is also showing the hypocrisy of the Left. For years, with Edu Dept mandating, they've harped that any regrets over sex, even years later, is sexual assault. Now all we here is Clinton's sexual assaults are old news, even though the women never did actually consider the sex consensual.

    Make them live up to their own rules.

  5. For every 50 exceptional Americans, you have 2 objectionable Clintons.

    Thus Nature balances itself.