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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

"Trump Is A Metal Band"

Bob Lefsetz, 63, is a music critic who debated Gene Simmons at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto in 2009. Politics is about the last thing he will write on, so of course, he had to weigh in on Donald Trump, who is both the immovable object and the irresistible force.

He sees Trump as a rock star but not some Donny Osmond type but rather Alice Cooper. The controversy that Trump thrives on is not a bad way to promote oneself.

From Lefsetz:
Trump figured out how to make it work. First and foremost by licensing his name. Second, by knowing it’s all about appearances, did you see that article in the “Times” that stated his air force was decades old?
"Donald Trump’s Aging Air Fleet Gives His Bid, and His Brand, a Lift."
He declared himself king and then he got a TV show and then he utilized social media to get the word out and now the press is following him. Wanna succeed in music? Do the same damn thing. Put yourself on the map. In Trump’s case it was by paying for the renovation of an ice rink, in your case it’s about a hit single. Without either you don’t get the mic, sorry. And then once you get the mic you leverage the relationship with the media, because it turns out the papers and the websites and the networks have to fill space and if you deliver controversy… Watch the Shep Gordon documentary if you want to see about manufactured controversy, he made Coop [Alice Cooper] the star he was!
All we keep hearing from acts is they can’t get paid.
You’ve got to spend it to make it. Trump’s drinking at the well now. There’s plenty of money in music if everybody knows your name, there’s streaming revenue, endorsements/sponsorships, merchandise… It’s just that the players are lazy, they want the label to pay, the machine to make them a star, get them on the radio so they can sit on the couch and make dough. But times change, musicians are just like the Republican establishment, the fat cats who don’t realize they've lost touch with the proletariat, the common man, those who elect them.
It is a fine piece. ("And the left wing ain’t much better. All you've got is overeducated Northeasterners who want nothing to do with THOSE people. Like a Beatles fan who couldn't fathom Black Sabbath.")

On that note, some Metallica. (Not "Enter Trumpman.")


  1. I've been saying that Trump is a master marketer and promoter who has been promoting Trump for over thirty years.

    The professional political consultants just saw a blow-dried blowhard. The fools.

    - Mikey NTH

  2. Reagan did it with his radio commentary show. Fifteen minutes on your way to work five days a week and wrote it all himself (Reagan in His Own Hand is the book collection of these). It kept his name in front of the public and prepared him for his speeches and debates. If you watch Trump speak he tries to pull of something Reagan did like a sleight of hand expert. Waving to the crowd while pulling speech notes out of the pocket at the same time so nobody notices. He (Reagan) would take out one of his contacts before his speeches so that he could alternately read his notes and observe the crowd and make eye contact. He really was a brilliant man and never got any credit for it. What made him really great is that he didn't care about that.