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Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump Hotel, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue

When it comes to psychological warfare and imagery, no politician tops Donald Trump this year. Barack Obama's act got old. Bill Clinton got old. Enter Trump.

Such a project takes years in planning and in lining up the finances.

So we can conclude that the day Mitt Romney lost the election -- blowing a three-foot putt -- Trump decided to run in 2016. The hotel project was independent of that, of course. If he passed on the election, he would still make a mint off this project.

But if he ran, the hotel would show he can Make America Great Again.

It opens in September, two months before the election.

From WTOP last February:
Donald Trump’s D.C. hotel will open to the public in September, a little more than two years after the $200 million renovation of the Old Post Office Pavilion began.
The Trump International Hotel, at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, comes online after extensive renovations to the historic, 19th century building, including restoration of original wood milling and paneling and stonework.
The hotel has 263 rooms and suites, including the “Trump Townhouse,” a 6,300-square-foot suite with its own private entrance on Pennsylvania Avenue.
The Trump International Hotel also will have a 13,200-square-foot Presidential Ballroom — one of the largest ballrooms in D.C.
The General Services Administration chose Trump’s bid to redevelop the property in 2012. In addition to the renovation costs, Trump is paying the federal government $250,000 a month in rent.


  1. I love the fact McConnell and Ryan can look out the window and see it.

    Be afraid, guys.

    It is 0629 hours on 6 June and Major Werner Pluskat has just picked up his field glasses as the mist begins to clear along his beachfront emplacements.

  2. I can already imagine the speech at the opening ceremony: "Unlike some, we *did* build this!"

    1. Looks to me like "We rebuilt this, better than ever."

  3. A nice Presidential Retreat while the White House is being brought up to Trump standards. - Elric

  4. This is an example of why “they” will never outwit, outplay, or outlast The Donald.

    Barack blusters, Hillary cackles, but High Energy Donald just keeps building.

  5. New campaign slogan: "Hey Hillary, where's your hotel?"

    1. It's the GrayBar Harbor, ha, ha, ha!

  6. The Donald will renovate The WH like Truman did.

  7. The Donald will renovate The WH like Truman did.

  8. The Donald builds a lasting future. The Hildabeast destroys it.

  9. The Donald builds a lasting future. The Hildabeast destroys it.

  10. So would Hillary really pass up on the newest, largest, most grand ballroom for an inauguration ball, should she win?

    Otherwise, the big party is going to be at the Trump International.