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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trump "energized" by latest reveal of Bill's bimbos

Donald Trump sent a tweet that should keep the Clinton campaign up at night.

Energizer refers to the alleged Secret Service's code name for Bill Clinton's alleged mistress of 13 years, Julie McMahon.

Bill steered $2 million from the Clinton Foundation to the Energizer's company.

From the Daily Mail:
That tweet's a reference to Julie McMahon, a Clinton neighbor in Chappaqua, New York, who reportedly carried on a years-long love affair with the former president, visiting when his wife wasn't around.Her drop-ins became such a hot topic of conversation among Bill's Secret Service detail, according to Ronald Kessler's 2014 book 'The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,' that she got her own call-sign nickname.
'The Energizer' was a play on the bunny in the Energizer battery commercials – an electronic toy that 'keeps going and going and going.'
Agents told Kessler that they were under orders not to stop, approach or question his blonde paramour.
McMahon was in the news last week after a Wall Street Journal report identified a company partially owned by McMahon as the beneficiary of $2 million from the Clinton Global Initiative.
'It's a bombshell – there's no doubt about it,' Trump said Friday.
'It's a rough story and a lot of people know about it, and people have been talking about it for a couple of years,' he told a Fox News Channel audience.
Hillary is a terrible candidate with all the personality of a horse blanket. Her voice is shrill. She dresses like a garden gnome, but without the hat.

Her only hope is for Bill to save her hide. And Trump will do all he can to neutralize The Bill.


  1. Most of Bill and Hillary's shenanigans are open secrets and there for anybody to see if they wish. Others, like the email server scandal, are closely guarded secrets and defended by hook or crook. A any rate we can't afford to put them back in the White House. - Elric

  2. Ridicule is a very effective weapon.

  3. Hillary's best chance to beat The Donald is to come out of the closet and campaign for the open marriage vote. The truth will set her free.

  4. That leaves a mark.

    She keeps saying how Willie saved the economy when he was elected, except he didn't.

    What crashed the economy in '92 was the tax on luxury goods George Mitchell insisted on.

    The one thing Bush '41 insisted on was a renewal date for it. When that came in '93, Congress let it lapse and that's when the economy took off.

    Willie had nothing to do with it.

    1. The collapse of the housing market, which contributed to the meltdown of the economy in 2008-9 started in the last two years of BJ Clinton's second term (with a push from then little known first term Senator "Present" Obama).

    2. BJ also had the good fortune of being in office during the Dot Com bubble to which the government in general and Billy specifically contributed nothing. That burst into the Dot Bombs at the end of his administration which W inherited.

    3. BJ and Rubin created the dot.bomb and transferred wealth.

  5. "She dresses like a garden gnome, but without the hat."

    I was wondering where I'd seen those outfits before...

  6. Where's Kennyboy?

  7. I'm sure Hill has tried to neuter Bill...

  8. "I'm sure Hill has tried to neuter Bill..."

    Depends on how. A vasectomy could have emboldened Bill to be even more predatory. On the other hand, if Hillary tried the Lorena Bobbitt gambit, I could see how that would work.

    1. I'll bet Bill is reading with great interest about the latest penis transplant. - Elric