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Monday, May 16, 2016

Today's proof that Hillary is an idiot

Hillary Clinton ran a pretty stupid campaign eight years ago before losing the nomination and presidency to Barack Obama. She will not make the same mistakes this time -- because she has a whole bunch of newer and bigger mistakes to make. Consider her "What's Donald Trump hiding?" video ad.

Trump is not releasing his income tax records because he can milk more news cycles from not releasing them than he can get by releasing them. This is all about news cycles. Trump is cheap and he would rather earn media than pay for it. True, earned media comes without control of the coverage, but Trump is so important to ratings right now, he gets to dictate some of the terms of his appearances before the cameras.

Hillary thinks she can make releasing his tax returns an issue. What's he hiding? She thinks that because that is what her friends in the echo chamber in the DC-NY media corridor are saying.

From John Fund of the Never Trump News (formerly National Review):
Some Trump delegates and their alternates should write him an open letter demanding his unredacted tax returns. If he declines, they should declare they will abstain on the first ballot of the convention, driving him below the number needed to nominate. The delegates should not give Republicans a time bomb that could help take down GOP control of the House or the Senate, or both. 
Time bomb? Unredacted? Trump should tell the world his Social Security Number?

What is in Trump's tax returns? My guess is less than what Geraldo Rivera found in Al Capone's Vault.

Only Never Trumpers care. Seriously. He pays little in taxes? He already said that. I do the same. The tax code is thick. I trust my accountant -- Susan Graves, CPA, in Nitro -- to cut every dime she can from my tax bill

Releasing tax information is a loser. Dick Cheney gave 75% of his income to charities one year. The press reported this as if it were a tax dodge.

By making a big deal out of this, Hillary once again makes the election a referendum on The Donald and binds his supporters to him with another nontroversy.

The media thinks they help her by spreading this nonsense. I laugh.


  1. They think the world lives by their Commie ideology.

  2. In refusing (or delaying) to release a copy of his tax return, Trump is using the identical approach Obama used with regard to releasing a true copy of his birth certificate in 2008. Those who demanded Obama release a copy of his birth certificate (including Trump) were driven crazy. Obama made them look like nut jobs; they were soon discredited as "birthers." We now get the same with Trump's refusal to release his tax returns. The people who obsess over the non-release of his tax returns will be driven wild. They will soon be viewed as unbalanced.

    1. I'm still not convinced on the birth certificate, but there's nothing to be done about it.

    2. I'm not a birther, but a Hawaii woman who was born in the same month (August 1961) at the same hospital that's listed on Obama's b/c has said her long-form b/c looks very different from his. I don't know what to make of that. Funny things happened when Honolulu's Department of Health switched from paper records to electronic records. Back in those days, government operations in Hawaii were very loosey-goosey since no one ever thought things like that mattered. I believe, for example, you could file a notice of the birth of a child with the Health Department well after the event. Still, the former Director of the Dept. of Health (the only one with the legal authority to see Obama's original b/c) claims it's legit, and I was inclined to believe her as a true professional.

      On the other hand, I have a digital copy of a photo that was taken by a local woman of her son along with his friend "Barry" in the 3rd grade class at Punahou school. The photo, dated 1969, was reproduced and published in a local newspaper. Yet, according to Obama's official biography, at the very same time he was registered as a 3rd grade student in a school in Indonesia and did not enroll in Punahou until the 5th grade after returning from Indonesia with his mother. The "friend Barry" in the photo is clearly Obama. There's no mistaking the ID (I also have a digital copy of Obama's 1st grade grammar school picture for comparison.) So apparently Obama can violate the laws of physics and be in two widely separated places at the same time. Make of it what you wish.

  3. One need only listen to the MSM and realize just how prolifically stupid they really are.
    Donald Trump is already setting them up for the 'tomorrow' while the media is vainly trying to catch up with yesterday.

    I laughed myself silly this AM while watching Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson easily out stick Wolf Blitzer as regards the Miller 'spokesperson' non issue of 20 years ago!
    I mean really, Katrina was bored to amusement with Wolf while he tried to wrap his semantic infested head around what she had already pointedly explained to him, was in essence a political ploy of the Trump campaign to open the floodgates for discussing Hillary's less than stellar past transgressions.

    Wolf Blitzer actively displayed his lack of understanding of the big picture while trying for that tired old canard of a liberal media 'gotcha moment'.

    Katrina Pierson is a smart cookie and quick on her feet...another glaring example for the myopic Left that Trump does respect women. He saw her potential and capitalized on it.
    She could make a good White House spokesperson.

    Sam C

  4. The Master Troll will indeed come out of this smelling like a rose. If there were any indications of malfeasance in his tax returns he would have been nailed by the IRS a long time ago. On the other hand, I see where the Clinton Foundation has large gaps in their financial statements that appear very much to be fraud, or at the very least criminal incompetence and misreporting. Why don't the Clintons release al of that information? Oh, that's what I thought. As far as proof that Hillary is an idiot, who needs any proof other than the fact that she married Bill. - Elric

    1. And the transcripts of her speeches to Wall Street groups. Yes, this is a losing issue for the Dems.

    2. Say! Maybe Guccifer has copies of her tax records...and Foundation emails. Yeah, she's NOT gonna release hers.

    3. Doesn't she also have a Master's Thesis that is being guarded like the Crown Jewels so no one can see what a commie she really is?

    4. And don't forget all those personal emails of hers she had Cheryl Mills delete because she claimed they were "private" and did not have to be handed over to the State Department and the National Archives. She asked us to trust her that nothing in those deleted emails was relevant to her government service. So why are she and other Dems so unwilling to take Donald at his word there's nothing he needs to hide in HIS financial records?

      And btw, did you notice that Mills, who was Hillary's chief of staff at the State Dept., apparently became Hillary's attorney for the process of sorting out those emails from Hillary's server. Did you wonder about that? Did you even catch it? That shrewd move was clearly intended to give Mills cover under client-attorney privilege to avoid whole areas of allowable questions the FBI could put to her in their recent sit-down with her and her attorney. Talk about premeditated obstruction of justice!

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  6. Used wife's google account-a mistake.
    TG McCoy.

    One other thing:
    Epstein "Air Pedophile" thing could be the thing that will derail the Clinton train..
    Yet the monkeys of the MSM are throwing poo from the tree above the sleeping lion. The lion awakes, roars- and starts his chainsaw..
    We haven't had an election like this one. TG

  7. As for Cheney, I remember reading about the large donations he and his wife had given to charity, and it made quite an impression on me. My wife and I have done our estate planning for the last stage of our lives, and we know it is hard to make sure the money we donate gets used in the way we want. Our solution is like that of the Cheneys: we are making our charitable donations while we're still alive so we can monitor and witness the actual effects of our contributions. But the process has to be planned wisely so we don't run out of our own resources in old age when we might still need them. We're not as wealthy as the Cheneys, but good on them. They are good people.

    1. I really like the idea of Darth Cheney as VEEP.

  8. Oh please, Hillary, don't throw me into that there briar patch!

  9. Rope-a-dope. Trump has been playing rope-a-dope with the mainstream media since he announced. That's what he's doing now. And that's what he will continue to do.

    It's not hard to see. In fact, once it's seen, it's hard to not see it.

    Unless one is the dope, I guess.