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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today's anti-Trump narrative is....

Donald Trump skipped a debate in January and instead raised money for veterans. The press hounded him. Today he announced how he disbursed the $5.6 million he raised, including $1 million he kicked in. The press responded indignantly.

Here is how the press reported the Trump press conference.

From The Week:
Donald Trump resorts to insulting reporters during heated press conference
Donald Trump took on the press during a news conference on Tuesday, slamming the media for being "dishonest" and made up of "not good people." Trump had appeared in order to account for charitable contributions his campaign said it made toward veteran organizations during an Iowa fundraiser in January, but he repeatedly lashed out at the press in attendance for requiring him to do so.
The press returned fire, with CNN's Jim Acosta accusing Trump of not being able to cope with the scrutiny it takes to run for president.
"I've seen you on TV, you're a real beauty," Trump replied.
From The Hill:
Trump at war with press over donations to veterans' groups
Donald Trump lashed out at the press over scrutiny of the money he raised to donate to veterans groups, in one instance pointing to a reporter and calling him a “sleaze.”
At a press conference in Trump Tower on Tuesday, Trump announced that he’d give $6 million — including $1 million of his money — to a variety of veterans groups.
But Trump became irritated by reporters who questioned why it had taken so long to make the donation, noting that Trump held the fund-raiser for veterans all the way back in January.
Well, he had to collect the pledges, check out recipients, and then write the checks -- all while running a 22,000-worker business and while running for president. But hey, reporters live in InstaWorld where everything happens immediately -- except a correction.

From Business Insider:
Reporters grill Donald Trump during testy press conference: 'You seem to be resistant to this kind of scrutiny'
Donald Trump evidently isn't planning on changing his contentious relationship with the press anytime soon.
During a Tuesday news conference that focused on his donations to veterans groups, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee was grilled repeatedly about his frequent criticisms of political reporters — barbs that he often uses as applause lines at political rallies.
CNN's Jim Acosta asked Trump whether his characterization of the press as "dishonest" and "disgusting" was fair.
From the Associated Press:
Trump Details Fundraising for Veterans' Charities
Under pressure to account for money he claimed to raise for veterans, an angry and irritated Donald Trump outlined a list of charities Tuesday he says have now received millions of dollars from a fundraiser he held earlier this year.
Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, told reporters at a testy news conference in New York that the fundraiser, held in boycott of a Fox News presidential debate, raised $5.6 million. Trump had previously refused to disclose which charities had received the funds and his campaign has gone back and forth about how much was raised.
"The money's all been sent," Trump said at a press conference at Trump Tower Tuesday morning.
Trump repeatedly criticized the press for making the money an issue, saying reporters "should be ashamed of themselves" for asking where the money had gone.
So the post-holiday narrative is that Trump cannot face scrutiny. Pretty weak stuff. The public sees it as Trump versus the press -- and the only people disliked more than the press work for the government.

Hillary meanwhile does not do press conferences. When will they ask Hillary where the Clinton Foundation money is going?

The foundation's latest Form 990 shows that as of December 31, 2014, Hillary and Bill and Chelsea and their hedge fund son-in-law sat on $439,505,295 in assets. That's pretty good for a "non-profit."

In 2014, they received $24,313,685 in contributions and $113,957,283 in grants, including government grants.

That $439 million in assets is 17 times larger than that $25 million hedge fund that son-in-law ran into the ground by hedging on Greek debt. That $439 million represents a hefty investment fee for some person or company lucky enough to land the account.

The foundation spent $248,221,698 in 2014:
$95,887,139 on salaries and benefits.
$20,786,529 on travel.
$17,249,876 on professional and consulting services.
$14,200,147 on conferences and events.
$14,196,240 on UNITAID commodities expense
$13,519,824 on meetings and training
Et cetera. Oh and $33,692,599 was spent on direct program expenditures. Sure, this is all legal, but as a charity, this is not on the up and up. The Clintons used this as a way to launder foreign donations (which would be illegal if they were campaign donations) to finance her campaign in absentia.

Compare this to the Trump Foundation, whose latest Form 990 covered the year 2012.
Income: $1,259,851 (all from Trump)
Disbursements: $1,712,089
Expenses: $5,305.
Assets: $1,717,293.
Short. Simple. No staff. No travel. No consulting services. No conferences. No meetings. No training. It's just, here is the money, here are the charities I want to give to, and here is the audit (which cost $5,305).

Press scrutiny -- applies to Republicans, not Democrats. Frankly, this helps Trump.


  1. The Press laugh at Trump, mock him, make a big ol' joke out of him, but they never seem to realize that they're actually his unwilling straight-man.

    And Trump is the only guy I know who can coherently deliver the punch-line up to a year later.

    If you want a mental image of how he will handle the Press as President ... well, remember as a kid when your Mom used to feed the chickens?

  2. Worth another half million votes.

    People love somebody putting what even Ed Asner called, "privileged punks", in their place.

    1. The Left will no doubt continue screaming about "all the things that working famines stand to lose under Trump."

      But, with the prospect of the Left finally being shown the door, all the working-class families are thinking of are the words of Philo Beddoe's Ma: "Oh, who gives a damn? Stealing all my Oreos, crapping all over the place. 12 ribs, my ass!"

    2. Maybe those working families should recall the old adage that "A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have."

    3. Good thing then that working families are, by definition, against big government and their hand-outs for the layabouts of the Left.

      Anyone capable of work should BE working, especially if they're receiving benefits. The unemployables? Let 'em clean up highways or break rocks, I'd don't care, just so long as they're breaking a sweat to get their govt dough. Gives one the incentive to get off the public teat.

      Let no man deny the nobility of labor.

  3. If you believe the press, Trump can't do anything right and Hillary can't do anything wrong. - Elric

  4. Just like the protesters/rioters at Trump rallies and speeches, the media scrum makes us want to vote FOR Trump. That it's also AGAINST Hill or Bern is the "cherry on top".

  5. Press: "Mr. Trump! What about the money? Gotcha!"
    Trump: "Already disbursed. See? Now that you are all here I've got a few things to say, so listen up."
    Press: "Oh bugger."

    -Mikey NTH

  6. When a charitable organization's indirect costs are more than 5 times their allocable direct program costs, something is very wrong. The numbers show the CFF is the tax scam I've always claimed it is.

  7. I see even some folks on the Right have started questioning Donald's actual wealth. OK, this is a short lesson, dumbasses...

    You buy a vacation home in West Virginia for $120K. Four years later its value is $210K. You refi and pay for your daughter's college. No debt for her.

    Your primary residence jumps $200k in value. You refi and buy a second WV property, cash on the barrel head, right next door to your first one.

    Then you sell your primary 8 years later and STILL make a 30K profit!

    It's called leverage. Apparently even conservatives (or so they claim) can't comprehend this...

    DJT 2016. Make America Smart Again.

  8. I don't see Trump "lashing out" at the press. I see Trump defending himself against baseless charges from a pack of jackals. These scumbags pick away at him 24/7 and Trump is not a wuss and is not just going to take it without smacking them back occasionally. This is why he is going to win in November. He also is standing up for middle America and Flyover Country on the immigration issue -- which I believe is the defining, life-and-death, issue in the campaign.

  9. I felt W should have pulled the white house press credentials from any democrat shill. Dan rather would have been a prime candidate for that. Trump might actually do something like that.

  10. Meanwhile, Hillary has had, what, one press conference this year?

  11. Meanwhile, Hillary has had, what, one press conference this year?

  12. To repurpose an old Broadway line "no one likes Trump except the voters".