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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Thinking Man’s Guide To Donald Trump

American Spectator asked me to write a piece on "Why Donald Trump should be President."

Please read it and tell me what you think.


  1. Don, your link goes to an error page, but I hunted down the link that works:

    I'm going to read it between my daily mom-stuff chores & try to get back here for you later.

    1. Thanks. I post automatically. Failed to test link. On me. I apologize. Fixed

  2. The only weak part was comparing Trump to Bush 43 in terms of accomplishment. You should have stuck with Reagan and Eisenhower. Bush 43's legacy isn't all that great.

  3. I read it and the comments. The readers liked it. Looks like you were given a set amount of words and stuck to it. Wouldn't want to put the whole book there. The Bush 43 thing is OK with me. He was actually one of the most qualified and accomplished presidents in history prior to taking office. His record after that didn't rise to the level of expectations, and is testimony to the fact that smarts and credentials aren't everything. Hoover was a brilliant and accomplished man, too. The downfall of both being too progressive.

  4. I already read it (American Spectator is one of my daily surfing sites). All of the points were spot on. The Donald didn't get where he is by being the big, bad bully boy he sometimes projects for entertainment purposes. It looks like even the Trump/Ryan meeting was a success, although it will take time to get everybody on the same sheet of music. - Elric

  5. Bravo, well done! Definitely will be looking for that new book of yours.

  6. Thanks. It does put some things in perspective. May I copy it and send to friends?

  7. Succinct.

    -Mikey NTH

  8. I will be buying the book. That's how good the article was.

  9. I don't know if I agree with it all, but it's clear you've done your homework -- which is a lot more than can be said about most people writing about Trump.

  10. Makes sense to me, but does inducing apoplexy in Leftists count as an Act of Grace?

    At any rate, all defibrillator salesmen should head for the nearest concentrations of liberals this morning. Ten percent should be a suitable cut for Mr Surber, I think. Or are you a fifteen percent kinda guy, Don?

  11. Big D, you're killin it right now. I mean absolutely SLAYIN it...

    Don Surber has become THE new Awesomest political writer in America. And the praise won't go to his head, because he drives a Stanger. A working man's car. The guy is just smart and cool. Go Dots!!

  12. Don, your fanbois are out in force! Even at the Spec! They like it; we like it; I like it; you are on the right track. (Fanboi Sam since, well, could it be 10years?)

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