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Monday, May 30, 2016

The quote that launched my book

They said he couldn't win. We fans said he would. We were right. Now to make them eat their words.

On sale on Kindle, July 1.


  1. "I'm allergic to progressive values ... they bring my conscience out in a rash."

    Well said, Pat Condell.

  2. This is why I don't give a damn when somebody quotes Ned Silver.

  3. Silver's claim to fame was his republishing the internal polls handed to him from Obama's 2008 campaign. Those internal polls included the theretofore unthinkable vote fraud numbers that the community organizers knew they could slip past anyone with authority. That's the only reason they so closely matched the final tallies.

    Silver's supposed polling expertise and his reputation for electoral prognostication skills are about as deserved as Elvis Presley's karate black belt.

    1. That's what he did in '12 also.

    2. So Anonymous knows that Nate Silver's data resulted from cheating by the Obama regime and Elvis' karate belt was bogus as well. History rewrites are incredibly easy using blog replies. Anonymous swears and edutcher verifies - but just like all the wonders of the future Trump presidency claimed herein - no proof is likely to be forthcoming.

      While I am questioning evidence, perhaps Don Surber will relate exactly how many copies of the latest Trump fantasy will be purchased by the Donald and his campaign?

    3. Doesn't matter.

      He clearly gets plenty of 'Net traffic from Lefty trolls.

  4. I'm going with 'Ned' from here on out.

  5. Silver's NCAA basketball tourney "analytics" this year were an epic fail as well. He's a one hit wonder, sort of like Henry Gross with Shannon. But the Lefties do love their shamans.

  6. I've worked out something that the two Dons have in common.

    The Leftards constantly make the mistake of challenging their ... ingenuity.