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Monday, May 02, 2016

Southern West Virginia hates the Clintons

From its birth in 1863 until 2000, Southern West Virginia was a Democratic Party stronghold. Even as late as 2014, Democrats could count on the cemeteries in Southern West Virginia to turn out the votes. No more.

Hillary (who carried West Virginia 67% to 26% in the 2008 primary) made a campaign pit stop on Monday in Williamson, West Virginia. The crowd booed and her host distanced itself from her campaign.

She and Democratic Senator Joe Manchin were treated to Trump supporters who called him "Traitor Joe." On Sunday, the mayor of Logan - another Southern West Virginia town -- asked Bill Clinton to stay away. I wrote about that earlier. Hillary's stop was at the Williamson Health and Wellness Center, which issued a press release:
Williamson, West Virginia
May 2, 2016
Dear friends, family, and community members,
Today we hosted presidential candidate former Secretary Hillary Clinton, who requested to visit us. This is the first time that a presidential candidate has visited Williamson, or even Mingo County, since John F. Kennedy in 1960. We saw this as an unprecedented opportunity to share our concerns about our future and showcase what we are doing here at Williamson Health and Wellness Center.
We are in the midst of an unprecedented time in our history. Here in southern West Virginia, we have been negatively impacted by larger forces in the energy industry, both market and regulatory in nature. The forum to tour Secretary Clinton around our facility and have a roundtable discussion with valued members of our community was a unique chance to celebrate our work.
To be clear, Williamson Health and Wellness Center does not endorse any particular candidate. In fact, we welcome any and all candidates to visit our clinic and talk to our people. It is in this spirit we welcome Secretary Clinton to town to elevate our work to broader national audiences.
Williamson Health and Wellness is working hard to empower our residents to turn it around through a variety of initiatives, including entrepreneurship, an innovation hub, local agriculture, and community outreach. It’s part of a larger “learning journey,” a model to engage leaders from around the world to build a strategy to create resilient and sustainable future. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach us at or come to the Williamson Health and Wellness Center.
We continue to be dedicated to building a culture of health to stimulate a thriving local economy centered around wellness for our entire community.
Thank you and all the best,
Dr. Dino Beckett
CEO, Williamson Health and Wellness Center
I have lived in this fine state for 35 years. I never thought I would live to see the day when Southern West Virginia turned its back on the Democrats.

But it has.

Don Blankenship, the former CEO of the now-defunct Massey Energy, who was convicted for his role in the deaths of 29 miners in Upper Big Branch, visited the protest. I would say he is more popular in Williamson than the Democrats at this moment.

Let this be a warning to Republicans. The people no longer will be played like this.


  1. Status Quo Joe! Doing what comes natural. He promised to fight for West Virginia and now he's at a Hillary rally. They must have some dirt on him...that's how the Clintoines roll...and he's in the fetal position right now. A position a TRUE Mountaineer wouldn't even consider assuming. Eff Joe Manchin. Saw him holding court in the concourse of a WVU game in Morgantown and the guy had the gravitas of a tired hamster. Status quo Joe...

  2. I don't understand your last line, Don. Should it be addressed to Dems, or are you telling the GOPers they'd better be straight with the people or get bounced as badly as the Dems?

    1. Republicans better play it straight

    2. Play it straight rather than LGBT or play a "straight show" as opposed to musical. Seems to me Donald better play it straight...

  3. The Democrat Party has completely abandoned any concerns for the workingman and the middle class. (For that matter, the GOP has as well.) West Virginia, overwhelmingly Democrats in the past, are finally waking up to this new reality. As for Joe Manchin, I predict that in the 2018 election cycle he will be "retired." - Elric