Sunday, May 08, 2016

Quote of the day

Allysia Finley:
Mr. Trump connected with voters by acting like a bro. By promising to build a wall along the Mexican border, he also showed voters he understood their fears about illegal immigration. Unlike cultural issues such as same-sex marriage — which Mr. Cruz hit hard — a president can actually do something about immigration.


  1. Ah, but Hillary will tell you Willie gave us DOMA, which forbade same sex marriage.

    1. As far as I know, same sex marriage was never "forbidden". The issue always has been whether it was to be given official imprimatur, which is a different matter altogether.

      I know of no law that ever prevented two consenting adults from contracting.

      It's language like this that enabled SSM proponents to falsely frame SSM as a civil rights issue.

      SSM was certainly the lie that won. But given where society (especially the Democratic base) is now on the matter, I'm sure that Hillary won't mention DOMA at all.

  2. We know that Obama has enabled illegal immigration. We fully expect Hillary to do the same, given the opportunity.

  3. This may be true, and it's a very depressing truth. Orwell said that the notion that people might come to believe that two plus two equalled five frightened more than the hydrogen bomb.

    Our culture indeed has been infested with mental rot to the extent where we are changing the definition of marriage and even questioning exactly what it means to be a man or a woman...and not only doing that, but actively persecuting (in some instances) those with a traditional view on the matters.

    It's interesting how Trump is being supported by some cultural conservatives, who see him as a bulwark of some sort against policitical correctness, though Trump himself has turned his back on those issues -- which may indeed be politically wise.

    But Western civilization, already under direct attack from external forces, seems to be rotting away from things that a Wall won't protect against.

  4. This is a war. The Mexicans call it the Reconquista. The Donald sees that. We have to protect our country or we will lose it. - Elric