Friday, May 06, 2016

Quote of the day

Mike Stuart, former West Virginia Republican Party chairman:
“What we hear the media say is that he’s an instrument of hate, he’s an instrument of anger. But here in West Virginia, we've been decimated by Washington policies — not only over the Obama administration but over the past several administrations. And so Donald Trump is not an instrument of anger here. He’s an instrument of hope for folks who have lost hope.”


  1. Slogan:

    Trump 2016: The Real Hope and Change

  2. Slogan:

    Trump 2016: He is The One You Were Waiting For.

  3. Slogan:

    Trump 2016: Yes He Can.

  4. Slogan:

    Trump 2016: A Leader Who Can Deliver Change.

  5. Slogan:

    Trump 2016: A New Beginning.

    Trump 2016: Help Me Take Back America.

    Trump 2016: Eight Years Is Enough.

    Got the picture? Throw Obama's campaign slogans right back at the Democrats and Miss Hillary

  6. Trump 2016

    "Help Us Obi-Donald; you're our only hope!"

    -Mikey NTH

  7. Trump: The Only One Who Hasn't Disappointed Us,Or Told Us He Hates Us.