Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Quote of the day

Trump flack Katrina Pierson on Clinton:
"She's talking about paid family leave and equal pay, she's not talking about foreign policy because she can't. That's what Mr. Trump is talking about. She wants to talk on women's issues because she can't run on her record."


  1. Ms Pierson is probably going to be Press Secretary.

    She can nail it off the cuff.

  2. Hillary won't talk about foreign policy because she shares Obama's "reverse Midas touch." Everything she did or attempted as Secretary of State turned to, well, ..... - Elric

  3. How often in past elections has "foreign policy" been the top priority for voters? The CW (conventional wisdom) is that foreign policy is an after-thought. Now let me tie this discussion together with the following one: Donald Trump IS talking about foreign policy, specifically globalization and nation building, and how the foreign policy failures of past administrations have affected the lives and livelihood of ordinary Americans, much for the worse as it turns out. Trump's take on foreign policy will resonate with voters this time because he connects it directly to their financial well-being, to the health of the economy, which is something that counts heavily when voters go to the polls. Trump is turning an abstruse foreign policy issue into a nitty gritty domestic policy issue that every one of the nation's 93 million unemployed or underemployed voters of working age can understand.

    1. Very well said, and exactly right.

  4. Foreign Policy is going to rear it's
    ugly head.
    I see this world situation as a combination
    of August,1914 and August,1939...
    TG McCoy

  5. Trouble in other countries can migrate to here. And sneak in.

  6. Today's sexist thought: Katrina may be Trump's flack but she is a very attractive flack.