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Sunday, May 01, 2016

Nanny Bloomberg delivers a nanny commencement speech

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg -- media mogul and former mayor of New York City -- gave commencement at the University of Michigan. It was about what you would expect.

Oh, he distanced himself from safe places ("The fact that some university boards and administrations now bow to pressure and shield students from these ideas through safe spaces, code words and trigger warnings is, in my view, a terrible mistake") but he really did not mean it. 

He wants to turn the country into a giant safe space with language carefully screened to protect the feelings of politicians.

Today, elected officials who decide to support a controversial policy don’t just get angry letters, phone calls and faxes. They also get millions of angry tweets and Facebook posts denouncing them in the harshest possible terms. This is democracy in action. But this kind of instant condemnation also makes elected officials afraid to do things that, in their heart of hearts, they know are right.
Democracy in action can actually produce a lot of inaction, which we see every day in Washington and other levels of government, too. When governments fail to address the needs of the people, voters in both parties get angry and some politicians exploit that anger by offering scapegoats instead of solutions.
Government knows best. Shut up and don't tweet. And if you object to, say, Muslims building a Victory Mosque near Ground Zero then you are a demagogue. 

Of course, inaction usually is the preferred method of government, but what fun is it to spend a fortune becoming mayor if you cannot order people around? He wanted to ban big Slurpees and he would have gotten away with it, too, if it were not for those meddling tweeters.

His was a political speech aimed at stoking anti-Trump sentiment. Bloomberg went on about demagogues, of which he is one. So was FDR. And Obama. He did not mention them. They promised big and failed to deliver. Both men dragged recessions on to serve as a cover for doing what they wanted to do. FDR, to implement socialist programs. Obama, to loot the treasury on behalf of his cronies.

College commencement speeches are politicized. Indeed, he violated the very call for civility he made. This was supposed to be a speech honoring the achievement of thousands of college students. Instead a multi-billionaire media plutocrat hijacked the occasion to rail against Donald Trump. Not by name, of course. That would have been honest.


  1. BLOOMberg in hed and para 1 !!!!111111!! Fix and delete this comment.

    1. Sam, you are right. My first thought was Don meant Rube. Then I read about Slurpees.

    2. Thanks. Read your copy. Read your copy. Read your copy. Read your copy. Read your copy. And then, take a break, come back and then read your copy again.

  2. "inaction"? Wow where have you been the past 7.5 years, Bloomberg? I live and work in Washington and there is no shortage of 'action' from Obama and his minions: doubling the national debt; security and military ineptitude (e.g., Libya), the flooding of the nation with illegals, more outsourcing of jobs, the wanton corruption with the 'stimulus' ripoff and the solar power energy ripoffs.
    I believe that 'inaction' in Bloomberg-speak means 'anything that slows implementation of the communist agenda for the destruction of traditional America.'
    Moreover, graduation speeches should be all about the kids and their parents and families and not be used as an opportunity to wag your finger and lecture about social justice. Bloomberg did the university, the graduates, and families a huge disservice.

  3. Bloomberg does like to order people around and said so himself. Like most Croesian liberals he thinks what he wants is what you need. Perhaps Bloomy is afraid Trump will be successful as a world leader when, for all his money, he himself was only able to buy control of a small potholed island.

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