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Thursday, May 26, 2016

A 2008 warning on Hillary coming true

The partisan sniping over Hillary Clinton's email server overlooks the real peril this nation is in. Our enemies and our adversaries know our state secrets thanks to this woman's incompetence. We were warned about her on November 21, 2008.

Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal publicly questioned making her secretary of State:
The smooth Obama transition has been disrupted by the great disrupter, and one wonders: Does he really want to go there? Hasn't he been there? How'd that go?
Noonan hit the ball with the sweet spot of the bat:
To invite in the Clintons -- and it's always the Clintons, never a Clinton -- is to invite in, to summon, drama that will never end. Ever. This would seem to be at odds with the atmospherics of Obamaland. "Loose cannon," "vetting process," "financial entanglements," questions about which high-flying oligarch gave how much to Bill's presidential library, and what the implications of the gift are, including potential conflict of interest. More colorfully, and nostalgically: people screaming through the halls, being hired and fired, attacking the press, leaking, then too tightly controlling information, then leaking, and speaking in the special patois of the Clinton staff, with the famous dialogue evocative of David Mamet as rewritten by Joe Pesci.
Will she go rogue? Will the rogue go rogue?
In the parlance of business there are clean deals and dirty deals. Clean deals have clear constituent pieces, are easy to bring together and line up, and carry few or surmountable obstacles. Dirty deals have deep complications, broad variables, proliferating unknowns. With a dirty deal there's potential profit but much mess -- too much underbrush, no clear path. This would seem to be a dirty deal.
The Clinton Foundation is a slush fund of barely laundered bribes from Saudis and other questionable foreign characters.

Under Obama, the American federal government has gone full third world country. Pay to play. Our government is for rent. The standards in Versailles DC are lower than Caracas, although the supermarkets still have food.

The process begun by Bill Clinton when he sold state secrets to the Chinese. From the New American on April 27, 2010:
Chinese espionage against the U.S. military goes back a long way, too. It has even been aided in recent decades by some top American officials, including a former U.S. President. Bill Clinton helped the hostile communist government access some of the most sensitive American military technology while covering up various crimes for the regime and its agents. As documented in the February 15, 1999 “Chinagate: Treason in the White House” issue of The New American, Clinton’s collaboration was secured in exchange for massive unlawful campaign contributions.
“President Clinton promised to restrain those who ordered the Tiananmen Square massacre, but he has now allowed these men whose hands are stained with the blood of martyrs of freedom into the highest reaches of our military defenses, and made available to them significant portions of our advanced military technology,” wrote former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Thomas Moorer. 
Chinese espionage against the U.S. government and armed forces has been so successful that it may seem there cannot be a whole lot left for the regime to steal. A late-1990s congressional committee found that the Chinese regime already possessed vast amounts of America’s most sensitive military information, including the designs of American thermonuclear weapons.
Appointing Clinton as secretary of State was political malpractice.

Electing her president is national suicide.

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  1. The case is made, your honor.

  2. Putting aside all angst that one's famous ancestor didn't make the cut, "Fifty Exceptional Americans" wise, (dammit, Don, he was "The Squarest Bookie in Philadelphia", y'know!), one can't help but wonder how fast the odds are narrowing on a pre-November indictment.

  3. Too bad Ms Noonan sold out her country as well, and went over to the Dark side in '08 so she could be part of the chi chi crowd.

  4. My own take on Hillary is my own experience working for a Fed contractor in the late 70's early 80's I had a clearance. It was involved, and I was mad sure that I knew if I screwed up I'd be stamping license plates in for the
    for the rest of my life. That includes just simply screwing up.
    No spywork just screwing up.
    I've related the time I put the
    briefcase of a Bird Colonel on the
    the ramp at an airport-rather than
    handing it to him. He left me with
    dreams of Leavenworth..
    She and her staff were at best
    guilty of malfeasance. At worst,
    and I think there may be something to this-espionage- not Hillary but one or several of her Minions.
    This is very serious business,
    this is why the FBI is taking so long.
    National Security-no joke-no games,
    life and death of the Nation.
    Someone is going to swing for this.
    You do not mess with the Intel
    community and get away with it..
    TG McCoy

  5. Treasonous. - Elric

  6. I theorized at the time that Obungler was keeping his friends close but his enemies closer. Of course, that was giving him more intelligence than he actually possesses.

    1. That was my take as well. I also wondered if he wanted to keep her in reserve to take the blame in case his foreign policy led to a huge blunder. Well, it did (Benghazi, among other matters); he didn't immediately throw her to the wolves but he has let her twist slowly in the wind.

  7. The whole national "conversation" about Hillary's email misses the point - it's not about email, it's about endangering our national security via negligence. THAT is the story here. But "email" makes it sound like a stupid, partisan, GOP fishing expedition, and fools the rubes who don't know an email server from a garage door opener.

  8. I still say August or September for Hammer Time.