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Thursday, May 05, 2016

“Love Trump’s hate"

As she has governed, so she campaigns. The first Secretary of State to give state secrets away to a Romanian (a hacker named Guccifer) seems to be doing all she can to get Donald Trump elected.

Last night I posted the Clinton campaign's first negative ad.
It backfired because it assumed, among other things, that Americans do not want to waterboard terrorists.

Then there was the gawdawful Love Trumps Hate slogan. Dilbert creator Scott Adams scorched it:
Based on the slogan, I can tell you with confidence that the Clinton campaign doesn't have anyone with a persuasion background helping with the big decisions. Here’s why:
1. Humans put greater cognitive weight on the first part of a sentence than the last part. This is a well-understood phenomenon. And the first part literally pairs LOVE and TRUMP. 
2. The slogan increases exposure to the name Trump. That’s never a good idea.
3. Spoken aloud, the slogan sounds like asking people to agree with Trump’s hate, as in “Love Trump’s hate (because Trump hates war, terrorism, and bad trade deals, same as you?). 
He parsed it well.

Meanwhile, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post (apparently echoing the campaign) said the focus on The Donald will detract attention from her which, somehow, is good for her. Trump made the nomination a referendum on him. Please, do the same, Democrats.

This is going to be a fun summer and fall. Who knows, by September she may beg President Obama to "please indict me and get it over with already."


  1. Keep Sargent's thought in mind as you conjure with thew First Law of Hillary - the more people see her, the less they like her.

  2. I have been keeping up with Scott Adams' blogging on persuasion. Interesting stuff. If he is correct and Trump is the Master Persuader we may end up with The Donald replacing Ming of Mongo as Emperor of the Universe. - Elric

    1. Ming was a Bad Dude, man! Looked E-VILE.
      I say The Donald is Flashy Gordon or Lotsa-Bucks Rogers.

  3. Y'all, I keep sayin...Joe Biden, call your office. Hillary is a complete non-starter in the general.

    1. It won't be Joe Biden. It will be Michelle Obama that replaces her on the ballot.

    2. Ain't Nobody gonna eat what she's servin".

  4. My take-by September Hillary will be a smoking hole in the high desert.With no one
    to replace her quickly.
    Plus Trump operates under the principal
    of "there is no such thing as bad publicity." TG McCoy