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Friday, May 06, 2016

Krauthammer misses another Revolution

Charles Krauthammer's reign on Fox News as the Commissar of the Conservative Commentariat belie where he was at the Reagan Revolution -- with the Tories. He was Walter Mondale's speech-writer. But here we are 30 years later and while a leopard's spots may not change (I am no biologist) a person's political positions mature. Today's Krauthammer column though exhibits touches of the cluelessness he suffered during the Reagan presidency.

My Twitter feed this morning featured these back-to-back tweets.

Mickey Kaus's timeline did not reveal the recipient of OMERTA PRIZE #1, but his tweet did explain why Goldberg thought Krauthammer nailed it; Krauthammer fed the sanctimony of the Never Trump crowd about conservatism without having to look at that messy close-the-borders stance that is the deal breaker for Paul Ryan and other new idols of the in crowd.

Now on to Krauthammer's column:
This is the narrative: GOP political leaders made promises of all kinds and received in return, during President Obama’s years, major electoral victories that gave them the House, the Senate, twelve new governorships, and 30 state houses. Yet they didn’t deliver. Exit polls consistently showed that a majority of GOP primary voters (60 percent in some states) feel “betrayed” by their leaders.
Not just let down or disappointed. Betrayed. By RINOs who, corrupted by donors and lobbyists, sold out. Did they repeal Obamacare? No. Did they defund Planned Parenthood? No. Did they stop President Obama’s tax-and-spend hyperliberalism? No. Whether from incompetence or venality, they let Obama walk all over them. But then comes the paradox. If insufficient resistance to Obama’s liberalism created this sense of betrayal, why in a field of 17 did Republican voters choose the least conservative candidate? A man who until yesterday was himself a liberal. Who donated money to those very same Democrats to whom the GOP establishment is said to have caved, including Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton.
Of course he is clueless because he excluded the trademark of the Trump campaign: The Wall, which Krauthammer has mocked for 10 months. Once you insert The Wall, it all makes sense. Trump supporters are angry because Republicans did not repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, balance the budget, stop the Iran deal (in fact Republicans enabled it) and a host of other things.

So if Obamacare, Planned Parenthood and the rest are not important enough to Republicans, why should those issues be a deal buster to the rank-and-file? Ted Cruz helped give us John Roberts, who protected Obamacare, Bucket (or rather a phrase that rhymes with the word). Trump will give us a wall and Mexico will pay for it. Sign me up. At least that is something.

There is no paradox. There is just helplessness on those other issues, and hope on The Wall and making America great again. If Mondale's speech-writer is defining Reaganism today, then I look for the day when they declare Reagan wasn't Reagan.

But Krauthammer is not clueless. He is less than honest.

Nailed it? All I see is where the hammer hit the wood and the nail is still there. Sorry.


  1. I believe that Trump's contributions to the Dems was BUSINESS. Like George Will, Krauthammer does not see the forest for the trees. They both need to open their eyes and minds to reality.

  2. If Kraut had watched Trump on his compatriot, Cavuto's, show, he might have seen Trump is inclined to be more conservative in some things than even the One True Ted.

    PS Anybody know if it was Kraut who wrote the famous line, "Ronald Reagan and I will both raise your taxes. He won't tell you, I just did"?

    I do believe it was what lost him the election in the worst electoral blowout in American history.

  3. The good doctor has been inside the beltway far too long. I agree that he is being less than honest. He is a psychiatrist and if he can't see what has been going on with the GOP base maybe he needs to study optometry. - Elric

    1. He did a psychiatric residency, but I am not aware of any time spent in actual practice.

  4. "Republicans did not repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood..."

    Ummm... Republicans passed bills that did both these things. And Obama vetoed those bills.

    Ignorant? Or less than honest?

    1. They passed them knowing there was no risk to their being signed into law. What forced their hand in passing the Omnibus spending bill that had the Democrats absolutely giddy because it gave them everything they wanted?

  5. Don,I hope your book is better than this piece by K in explaining T. I saw this by chance today in the Telegraph, a sort of rightish UK paper that hates Trump as does most of the UK press. What I took from it was that the Republican electorate was very hypocritical in choosing Trump because they basically chose a Democrat who would be more than cooperative with the hated "establishment" they claimed to be voting against. He found this puzzling especially since they rejected Cruz, the establishment's bad boy. In addition,he was truly depressed that Trump could gain power and expand government more than even Clinton, something that often happens under liberal Republican rule, as it did under Nixon and during the tenure of Nelson Rockefeller as Governor of New York. In these cases there is no opppsition whatsoever to any liberal program, only attempts to make them worse. He is not alone in his thoughts as many of his colleagues would rather try to hinder an elected HC than help Trump get elected.
    In 156AD Polycarp,the 86 year old Catholic Bishop of Smyrna,was given the option,in private, of saying ”Lord Caesar",a faint acknowledgement of the Emperor's divinity, or die in the arena. He chose to be burned alive and even took off his own clothes so that no unbeliever might touch him. So with the National Review and the doctor. Better to be considered saints by their faithful than to bend to an idol not their own, better to claim falsely they can restrain Satan with their bare hands than supply help to a common multitude struggling against her. The far right will regret their choice, sorry to say. Better alive and helping in the struggle than buried and irrelevant.

  6. I had considered subscribing to NR; not happening now.

  7. Look, I'm going to vote for Trump. But let's be realistic. There won't be any Wall; there won't be a Muslim Pause; there won't be deportations; there won't be a repeal of ObamaCare; and there won't be any decreases in taxes or spending. But unlike Obama, at least Trump doesn't hate the country.