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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

I will take dumb diplomacy over smart any day

Edward Luce of the Financial Times mocked Donald Trump's foreign policy. After seven years of Barack Obama, Luce still thinks smart diplomacy is a good idea.

Smart diplomacy got Putin buzzing our planes, nukes for Iran and the rise of the Islamic State.

But of course none of that matters to Luce. None of the cool kids like Trump. While Luce's own country is overrun by hordes of Muslims raping white British children, Luce is trying to tell us we should stay the course because Trump - somehow -- poses a danger.

From Luce:
Yet it is rash to dismiss Mr Trump’s policies as hopelessly confused. He offers a legitimate contrast to Mrs Clinton. Her campaign will talk of the nitty gritty of making globalisation work for ordinary Americans. He will pound on “the false song of globalism”. She will vow to safeguard human rights. He will promise tougher deals on nationalist grounds.
There is a philosophical difference. As Peter Beinart, former editor of the liberal New Republic, pointed out, Mr Trump did not once refer to “freedom”, “liberty” or “tyranny” in last week’s speech. His only use of the word “dictator” was to scold the US for overthrowing one in Libya. It was Mrs Clinton, of course, who championed that.
As ever, the temptation will be to mock Mr Trump and implicitly disrespect his supporters. So far that has not worked out very well. Mr Trump can, and should, be heavily defeated in November. His victory would deal a huge blow to the US’s standing. But mistaking his demagogic savvy for idiocy is no way to go about it.
Of course, Gadhafi was a toothless lion who posed no threat to anyone, however oil interests convinced Tony Blair that Gadhafi must go and Blair convinced Clinton Gadhafi must go and Obama did not want to appear emasculated. So Gadhafi is gone and now the gates of hell are open in Italy as Libyans invade.

The only people hopelessly confused are those who still believe in smart diplomacy. They are the heirs to the pundits who said Reagan would start World War III.

The United States' standing in the world now is that of a dangerously foolish and leaderless superpower adrift at sea, and unaware that it is lost.


  1. At least smart diplomacy was not capitalized.
    It seems like we are in a pre 1914 and 1939 combined. A real S storm is coming to the world.

  2. I'd like to see The Donald do some "Shake 'em Up" diplomacy. Let the Dems "twist and shout".

  3. I reject the term "smart diplomacy." I prefer "effective" diplomacy. Most of the time it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what is in the best interest of the U.S. That being said, I nominate John Bolton for Secretary of State (and Chuck Norris for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff). - Elric

  4. Don will remember the old Army wheeze - there is nothing more dangerous than a second lieutenant with a compass and a map.

    Except our second looie didn't even have the compass and the map.

  5. The most intellectually accomplished of our presidents have almost uniformly been the greatest failures in office and foreign policy, or have left us with legacies that are burdensome baggage rather than being helpful to future generations. The notion that there is some kind of IQ test or experiential set of prerequisites for anyone to be president is ludicrous. There is no formula. Read Algernon Sidney if you want proof, as he's the best read on this.

  6. "Her campaign will talk of the nitty gritty of making globalisation work for ordinary Americans. "

    The Chinese and the Mexicans will laugh all the way to the bank. Let's consider Apple Inc. as one example of how "globalization works for ordinary Americans." Apple gets rich selling phones in China that are made in China by Chinese workers for Chinese consumers. They accumulate a huge hoard of cash of overseas profits, little of which is shared with American taxpayers, stockholders, or workers. The company gets rich. American workers get bupkis. American taxpayers get stuck with the bill for unemployment benefits and welfare and health care for out-of-work Americans. Yeah, I can see how globalization "works" for ordinary Americans and I'm not exactly thrilled by it.

    1. I, that's because our tax laws make bringing that money back home just crazy. The gummint would confiscate most of it and waste it foolishly.

  7. Luce writes with the flippant vitrol one expects from an Oxford grad discussing an upstart "green grocer"like Trump. But then Mr Luce will get paid no matter what Trump or Clinton do in foreign affairs counter to what he expects them to do. Don's coming book documents endless pundit failure in Trump disease diagnosis. But these oracles are still active and will be so as long as they are nasty to Trump. That is their only task really, barf out polysylabic comtempt,not precience.And so it is with Luce. His paper's editors loath Trump. One good word and he is out. As pointed out by Mr Partydoc,no easily delineated qualities are apparent that predict future success in foreign policy. Trump may do well or not, but one thing for sure, he will face problems others before him have not faced. For me, as the Greeks said, character is fate. For Luce Clinton's character is what he wants for his fate. I'll take Trump's for mine and happily so.