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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Fox Poll: Trump 45, Clinton 42

Dang, he'll be elected president before my book on his nomination comes out!

However, the only surprise is this is happening in May not August. Trump has not made any move yet, just a few test jabs as he beta tests and flexes his muscles.

Last week's Gravis poll cut her lead to 2.

Now Fox has him up 3.

From Fox News:
Donald Trump tops Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, according to a new Fox News Poll that also finds majorities of voters feel both frontrunners lack strong moral values and will say anything to get elected.
Trump has a 45-42 percent edge over Clinton, if the presidential election were held today.  That’s within the poll’s margin of sampling error.  Last month, Clinton was up by 48-41 percent (April 2016). 
Clinton is ahead by 14 points among women (50-36 percent).  Yet Trump leads by a larger 22 points among men (55-33 percent). 
He also tops Clinton by 37 points (61-24 percent) among whites without a college degree (working-class whites).
Her being down 22 among men trumps he being up 14 among women.

I said this a while ago, by September she will be begging Obama to indict her just so she can escape this nightmare.


  1. I don't know. I'm used to the bad guys winning in the end because they almost always do.

    I mean, for how many years have the Clintons been getting away with crimes and getting elected - or at least appointed?

    Why should this year be different from any other year?

  2. Full Video: Donald Trump interview with Megyn Kelly (5/17/2016)


  3. Could this be a realization Hillary can't put away Bernie, so how can she beat Trump?

    1. I expect Bernie's boys and babes are true-red Bernieites and loathe Hillary...and might even vote Trump if she's the nominee.

  4. The Democrats are going to have work harder to get a lot more dead people and illegal aliens to vote this time and their African-American chocolate city supporters to vote 5 or 6 times instead of the usual 2 or 3 times. I'm sure the Dem printing presses will be humming with activity just before the election to create all those authentically fake absentee ballots in their favor. The election is not over until the fat H--> lady sings.

  5. Amen to that comment Iapetus! Although Hillary may be an incompetent, lying, and overall useless, the dems are really good at some things. Lying, for one, and stealing elections, for another. The Republicans had better watch that election process and balloting etc. like hawks or the dems will steal it (again). A lot of the polls indicated Romney ahead of obama, but ob squeaked it out. Game over folks, obama won, nothing to see here, 4 more years.

  6. Don't know about water into wine, but Hillary sure can turn poll into pall.

  7. You know, you look at the last truly great President ... Reagan ... and you suddenly realise how small his predecessor was by comparison.

    But even so, I will give Carter credit for the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. That took some doing. One nugget in the midst of a lot of dross.

    But the present occupant of the White House? What sort of clown wants to be remembered for that puerile common-toilet schtick, and all the other sex-education trash? When the Great Swing Back of the pendulum occurs, that is going to look as insane as that Dutch Tulip thing. And a whole lot sleazier. Way to out-do Bill Clinton, Barack. At least he did his thang in the privacy of the White House, where he frightened neither horses nor small children.

    I suspect the only sex-education item on Trump's To-Do list is the one where he teaches ISIS not to **** with the U.S. of A.

    1. "I will give Carter credit for the Israel-Egypt peace treaty. That took some doing"

      Yes. And Bill Clinton, using his formidable charm, came this | <--> | close to persuading the PLO and Israel to sign off on a treaty that would/should/could have ended the strife there, but in the end Yasser Arafat double-crossed him.

    2. It's the difference between dealing with a ruthless Thinking Man in Anwar Sadat and a ruthless buffoon in Yasser "The-Only-Man-in-the-Arab-World-Who-Can't-Grow-a-Decent-Beard" Arafat.

    3. Dave, that last line is Pure Gold. PURE GOLD.

      The CNBC online poll for Trump's VP has Condi Rice WAY out in front. I'm cool wid dat. Member at Augusta National and apparently the woman can move her golf ball. Like, breaks 80 regularly. Just wonder if she's gonna be seen as too tainted by W...

    4. I woulda said Yassir "Mr. UGLY" Arafat. Still, OUDave laid a good one on us.

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  9. Hillary is on the verge of indictment.

  10. Does this mean that I no longer have to root for her indictment? Hell no I want to see *itch go down in flames any and ever possible way!