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Monday, May 30, 2016

Dilbert creator: “Landslide.”

Most readers know I have developed an affinity for Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. The insights of Adams into the Trumpvolution led me to name him Blogger of the Year for 2015.

In my book, I quote him as projecting a landslide for Donald Trump. Adams put it on his blog, which is very, very popular. Adams is not a particular fan of Trump either.

Bill Maher had him as a guest on Friday and Adams doubled down:
SCOTT ADAMS: I've been studying persuasion for decades and when I saw Trump last summer displaying the tools of persuasion I thought, 'Oh my God, he's not a crazy clown. Everything he's doing, including his complete ignoring of the facts, is persuasion perfection. I called him to be the landslide winner in the general election last year. 
Essentially he's bringing a flamethrower to a stick fight. There's nobody using the same tools that he's using. So his complete ignoring of facts are actually part of the persuasion because he doesn't give you targets. He doesn't give you details of his policies, usually. So he's reducing the number of targets while making you feel good and focusing on the things he wants. So it's not about facts, it's about focus and attention.
A president is a leader.

Who does Hillary lead? A bunch of wonks, granny feminists, and fellow grifters.

Who does Bernie lead? A bunch of commies, social justice warriors, and wannabe wonks.

Who does Trump lead? Patriots, veterans, and honest taxpayers.

He wants to achieve real energy independence by supporting nuclear energy development, natural gas and fracking – while Hillary lectures us to reduce our consumption because of “climate change.”
And he wants to introduce real market-based reforms into health care, while Hillary just wants to keep defending ObamaCare.
The fact that the media wouldn’t cover these proposals didn’t stop Trump from talking about them, and as we saw at rally after rally, he connected with Americans as he did. You could be forgiven if you think all he did was “tap into people’s anger,” because that’s what’s usually said about him. But he actually did much more than that. He showed that he understands what people are concerned about, and he’s prepared to actually do something about it.
This is how he won. He didn’t let anyone else define him, and he didn’t back down from the very real ideas that inspired his candidacy in the first place. So when you hear people now say that he can’t possibly win, remember what they were saying last summer and fall. And ask yourself who you want to bet against: Donald Trump? Or them?
The American people are rising. This is our country, not Washington's. Enough is enough.


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  2. The Obama presidency has been the political equivalent of chicken pox. A Hillary presidency would be the equivalent of political shingles. That's a painful illness the country should not endure. Trump is the cure America needs to deal with the contagion of Leftist Progressivism.

  3. The more you see, the more you like.

    Adams makes a couple of interesting points in breaking down leadership. The idea of getting the point across without going the established route is what people don't get.

    1. Ah, but "the people" do get his points. And like them. And him.

  4. The media's bind is that they can't berate Trump on the specifics of what he has in mind because every time they state Trump’s aims, they only add to his support.

    That's why the half-crazed name-calling.