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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Did Facebook pull an AOL?

I remember AOL moderators 20 years ago. They often worked against conservatives in political chatrooms. Then came Twitter, which has banned Robert Stacy McCain for quoting feminists. Seriously. Now comes the allegation that Facebook is censoring conservatives.

“Reality has a left-wing bias,” our progressive friends love to tell conservatives. Then why are progressives so ruthless about distorting and covering up the truth?
As we learned from a bombshell Gizmodo report, liberal elites conspire to hide dissenting viewpoints from the public. Stories that appear in Facebook’s hugely influential “trending” box, one of the most important news sources in the world, are subjected to an ideological-correctness test.
Are Facebook users excited about the Conservative Political Action Conference? We can’t let that out. Are they upset about Lois Lerner? Bury it.
Black Lives Matter has been unmasked as an Astroturf movement that was given more prominence than it earned, while we now know that stories that come from RedState or other conservative outlets are placed in a Facebook info quarantine until they’re cleared by the good doctors of the Mainstream Media, i.e., the propaganda arm of progressivism.
Conservatives are the enemy of the state. Social Justice Warriors indoctrinated at state universities infiltrate business, particularly at entry-level positions. 

Smith noted, "If Facebook is really an open community, it shouldn't have news curators at all, just a program that genuinely reflects what people are talking about."

AOL didn't need moderators either.

However, the marketplace will handle this. Senator Thune's call for an investigation is moronic.


  1. Liberal fascism.

  2. The truth will set you free, and they can't be having any of that, now, can they? - Elric

    1. Don't forget to vote for Beth Walker.
      Two words: Mc-Graw

    2. Already did it. This morning on the way to work. And I'm a West Virginian by birth and by choice (although sometimes I wonder...). I well remember some of McGraw's shenanigans. He has some cojones to run for office again, especially for a judgeship. - Elric

  3. I barely pay any attention to what's "trending" on Facebook, anyway.

    1. I have been making fun of "Trending" lately. Examples follow.

      Keeping up with the truly important stories of the day -- I know which they are because FB tells me they're "Trending" -- some actress I never heard of is upset because a photographer photoshopped her jaw to make it look smaller. I can't help but wonder what other photoshopping he did that she's not complaining about.

      Amy Schumer is no longer going to take photos with fans. America rejoices.

      Oh, boy! Helen Mirren wore a PURPLE gown to the nerd prom!

      Kaley Cuoco is receiving long-hair extensions! We need to know this because... idk... somebody tell me why....

      How many celebrities who use the word "sustainable" even know what it means?

      Who the heck is "Samantha Bee"? Why the heck does she, as I gather, have a television show? Why should anybody on the face of the Earth give a darn what she has to say about anybody or anything? And can you imagine how I cleaned up this status before posting?

  4. A friend of mine tells me Facebook is an entry point (more of a wide-field, really) for malware, trojans, worms, etc. He being the IT guy for his firm, I take it as truth.

    1. I've cleaned up a lot of infected computers and I agree. Most of the bad stuff is transmitted through Facebook. I don't use Facebook myself, partly because of that reason and partly because life is just too dang short. - Elric

  5. "Conservatives are enemies of the state."

    Yep. True conservatives are enemies of the state because we support the health and growth of the Civil Society (family, small communities, churches, private charities, clubs, etc.) and the State is openly trying to crush the Civil Society.

    Of course, if you ask a Neo-conservative (like the Bush clan), their version of conservatism (Big Government Conservatism) is perfectly OK with the growth and health of the State. But Neocons are just a subspecies of Leftist.

    Essentially we are in a war between the FedGov and the Civil Society. This next presidential election is a critical battle in that war.

    Steve in Greensboro