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Friday, May 06, 2016

Did Against Trump backfire?

I noticed a new ad for National Review offering an 82% discount on subscriptions. That seemed rather steep.

Also the ad did not feature the magazine's iconic Against Trump cover which spawned the self-righteous Never Trump movement. Instead it is a cover of Hillary as an empty pantsuit and the sales pitch, "What the American left doesn't want you to know."

The publishing industry is on the ropes after 500 years. Forests are growing not only because carbon dioxide levels have risen and made the world more habitable, but because fewer trees are becoming paper. Only 41 million newspapers are printed each day. Thirty years ago, it topped 100 million.

Maybe Against Trump worked and stemmed the losses, but that 82% discount sure seems steep.


  1. I think you'll see the same with a lot of the NeverTrump blogs and radio talkers (paid and unpaid) as ratings and whatever other devices of reader-, listener-, and viewership come in.

    1. AgainstTrump ≠ NeverTrump.
      I was the former but am not the latter.
      Trump was far from my first choice for the nomination of the 17 candidates once running, as unlike some I do not believe all the other 16 candidates to be GOPe. (Gov. Jindal, Gov. Perry, Gov. Walker, Sen. Cruz)
      I had hoped that Trump would run long enough to knock most, if not all, of the GOPe candidates out, and then decide, "Hey, I've got a business empire to run", and get back to it.

    2. Why do people think that Trump is not serious.
      He's put his own money up front and invested much time.
      I'm sure his family quality time is suffering, and yes you don't produce the quality kids that he has without investing quality time.

      Also I would add that he is 70 yrs old in June and I can attest to the fact that a person at that stage of life is very aware of the need not to waste valuable time on insubstantial whims as time is in fact running down.
      Donald is in it for whatever his personal reasons and I root for him whole heartedly as I believe he means what he says.
      People are agitated enough that they are ready to roll on an aggressive level should they perceive they are being given the bum's rush one more time.

      Sam C

    3. Agreed with both statements.
      I was a Perry fan until Kasich
      torpedoed his placement in the
      debates. I hold that that was
      Kasich who was the designated
      GOPe spoiler. I was his job to screw it up for everybody including Trump. But it turns
      out that he was the GOPe's acme.
      ACME safe, that is, with Trump.
      Cruz has BEck now saying "SINNERS!
      REPENT for the Judgment of God is
      at hand!!!" YOU WILL PAY!" -no
      kidding. My point is that Cruz
      BeBecked himself and did put
      Pappy on a mission to say,the
      Northwest Territories, both
      did not help him at all..
      TG McCoy

    4. Actually I believe that Beck is
      now rolling around the deck of the
      Cruz ship firing randomly and not
      really under Cruz' control..

  2. I used to read NR until they became unhinged against Trump. But the Williamson article where he slams the white working class was my final straw.

  3. NR forgot to allow for the recoil. Novices.

  4. I suppose you would need to know what its mission was.

    If it was to cause the downfall of Trump - slaying the Monster - then it crashed and burned in the hangar.

    If it was to signal who were all of the right thinking people and cause them to rally together - then it succeeded.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. Cancelled my subscription three months ago after being a 28 year subscriber. NR has jumped the shark.

  6. The Dems reject the white working class except when it's time to vote. When National Review does it, too, how's that make them different from David Brooks and similar superior beings?

  7. This: dinosaure media
    Soon, the New York Times will be delivering more than just "all the news that's fit to print." This summer, the Times will beef up the capabilities of its cooking website by teaming up with the meal-delivery startup Chef'd to offer recipe kit packages, Bloomberg reports.

    This new partnership will allow users to order food kits a la carte or through a subscription service. Orders packed with the necessary ingredients will be delivered within 48 hours, and Chef'd and the Times will split the revenue from the venture....

  8. Fanfare for the Common Man

    The Democrats and Republicans threw away these people and are now upset that Donald Trump picked them up.

    -Mikey NTH

    1. Very well stated... and accurate.

    2. I guess that's on par with 'you don't miss your water 'till your well runs dry'

  9. Remember how all these NeverTrump people told us we had to vote GOP in the last two elections, because if we didn't, we'd get Obama? After giving us two terrible Presidential candidates?
    Now they have someone who actually can win and they've all forgotten what they told us again and again and again!
    Seems like they are all okay with Hillary.

  10. I don't know why everyone seems to assume all those who were opposed Trump were in favor of McCain or Romney. I voted for none of McCain, Romney or Trump in the primaries, so there are those of us who don't like Trump who cannot be blamed for the other two Presidential candidates.

    Basically I'm being asked, just like 2012 and 2008, to support a candidate I opposed in the primaries. I'll do it for the sake of party unity, but please don't expect me to be happy or enthusiastic about it because that is not going to happen.

  11. I have been wondering since the August anti Trump issue how NR would ever get themselves out of that mess. It looks like they can't. the people running the magazine should be shot. Erickson is a nothing, so he does not matter.