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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Trump's ads mess with Hillary's mind

Trump the alpha male is delivering psy ops against Missus Clinton by running ads that show a new generation of women how Bill Clinton got away with abusing women.

Longtime Clinton aide turned thorn, Dick Morris, told this to News Max:
You know, I've been there. It is the way to absolutely mess with Hillary’s mind. When Trump throws that accusation, it disrupts the marriage of the two of them and Hillary gets furious and Bill gets scared. 
And Hillary goes through periods where she’s not talking to Bill, sometimes hours, sometimes days, sometimes weeks. At one point during their presidency, they didn’t talk for three months. And the point is that her major source of advice and leadership and guidance is Bill Clinton. It’s an aorta that flows between them. Without him, she’s got nothing. The reason she reacts so viscerally to these charges is not some sense of feminist outrage. It’s that her entire career is based on Bill Clinton and her marriage.
When he sends that shock into the Clinton operation it paralyzes her. It becomes a command and control strike. Bill gets afraid to talk to Hillary because he doesn't want to get yelled at. Hillary is too furious to speak to Bill and wants to show him how angry she is. And it takes days and sometimes weeks for them to settle down. And when they are not in touch with each other, it’s like Hillary fired her campaign manager.
Trump is ruthless and relentless. He is the lion who is cornering his prey. Trump is taking Bill Clinton out of the campaign, neutralizing his effectiveness as a surrogate, and isolating him from his wife.

Republicans watch and many who dislike Trump are pleased.

I am sure that he studied Obama's 2008 campaign and will adopt and adapt Obama's plays to fit Trump's needs. If Hillary thinks she will receive 90% or more of the black vote, she is sorely mistaken. The extemporaneous style of Trump on the stump continues to lull into a false sense of security the professional consultants who smother her campaign. They think he lacks discipline. Ha! He graduated first in his class at his military school.

Worry, Democrats.

Meanwhile, Team Clinton reaches out to men....

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  1. If you ever read about MacArthur's "Hit 'em where they ain't" strategy to win the Pacific War, this is a practical application.

  2. So she's got the Village People tribute bands vote. Good for her.

  3. The Donald has Megatons of ammunition to expend on Hillary. She will not emerge unscathed. I say BRAVO! Nobody deserves a comeuppance more than she does. - Elric

  4. You mean that she is targeting the "pajama boy" vote? Real men eat quiche and vote Trump!

  5. Am I man enough to vote for Hillary? Not sure what masculinity has to do with voting. What about all her female voters? Are they man enough?

    Am I stupid enough? Not nearly.

    Steve in Greensboro

  6. I watched a You tube about SR-71
    pilot Brian Schul.
    Follow with the CO of the Squadron
    Richard Graham .
    These are men.
    Hillary or Pajama boy doesn't deserve to carry their Space Helmets...

  7. What is Trump thinking? Presidents McCain and Romney would never have treated Hillary this way.

  8. What is Trump thinking? Presidents McCain and Romney would never have treated Hillary this way.

    1. Makes ya PROUD of him, don't it?

  9. This (possibly fake) ad with the swarthy guy wearing the false glue-on beard confuses me. My first reaction is, Is Hillary going after the terrorist vote? But then I notice the "H-->er" in the text points right at the bearded "person" so it makes me wonder if the implication is "he" is really a "she" by birth. The PC ambiguity of the "I am a man..." text just adds to my confusion over that person's gender identity. Is HRC trying to reach out here to the transgendered vote? Is that what this ad is all about? Terrorist? transgendered? the message is all so confusing. lol.

  10. Trump to Hillary:

    "Why don't you play a nice relaxing game of solitaire?"

    _Mikey NTH

  11. That ad; don't it just yell FAIL at the top of her lungs?