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Friday, May 27, 2016

Cowardshima Obama

Barack Obama is an imbecile. He is credentialed, not educated. His appearance at Hiroshima today was an embarrassment to our our country, our allies, and the fools who gave him a Nobel. Let me explain.

By laying a wreath at Hiroshima, Obama apologized for the United States and its allies defeating and destroying Imperial Japan, which had conquered and enslaved China, Korea, the Philippines, and other lands in eastern Asia. Obama did not have to say he was sorry. His actions showed that. In doing so, Obama dismissed the genocide, torture, and cruelty of the Japanese, who were as racist as Hitler and Nazi Germany. The Chinese, Filipinos and Koreans have not forgiven Japan, in part because unlike the Germans, the Japanese refuse to acknowledge their horrid past.

Obama knows nothing of this. The schools he attended do not teach this because they are dedicated to spreading an anti-patriotic academic agenda that blames all evil on the United States of America.

Destroying Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic weaponry not only ended the nastiest war in human history but it served as a warning against use of atomic weaponry. So far no one has been mad enough to use nukes.

In Hiroshima, our president -- as ignorant of history as he is of health insurance -- called for the courage to “spread peace and pursue a world without nuclear weapons.”

A world without nuclear weapons? We had one, Mister President. It led to Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini and Stalin. No thank you.

The real lesson today is the price America pays for affirmative action. The man is an empty suit with a selfie stick. He does not read. He reflects an America that is lazy, incurious, and unserious. Democrats ran him so they could pass a health care law, and call anyone who did not like it "racist."

Trump is the antidote to this poison.


  1. Excellent post.

    After the war, the Japanese generals were the first to say the bomb saved the Japanese from annihilation as a people.

    And you're right about the racism of Japan. If you had to pick a country that would have exemplified Hitler's idea of a Thousand Year Reich, it would have been Japan.

  2. "Barack credentialed, not educated."

  3. Obama in the Oval Office is the most ridiculous piece of casting since some genius thought: "Ricardo Montalban as a Star Trek villain ... can't miss!"

  4. I'm not certain of the symbolism of Obama's presentation of a wreath, but I will mention this. On particular occasions (the exact date/s now escape me), the National Park Service places a wreath inside the shrine room of the USS Arizona memorial in Pearl Harbor in memory of Capt. Kazuo Yukinaka, a Japanese pilot whose plane was shot down during the attack on Pearl Harbor on 12/07/1941. The marble wall of the hallowed shrine room is engraved with the names of the American servicemen who died in that attack.

  5. My Dad was on board the USS Tangier at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7. He went on to other battle sites across the Pacific. Of this absolutely stupid jackass of a President to even go to Hiroshima and lay a wreath, hug a "survivor" and make the utterly insane statements is a slap in the face to every US Veteran. This demented piece of filth has no idea of the number of US and yes Japanese that would have died if the bombs had not been dropped. He needs to read an account of the battle for Okinawa to try to understand what an invasion of Japan would have been like. I am thoroughly disgusted. He can't leave office soon enough.

  6. I have no more problem with Obama laying a wreath in Hiroshima than I did with Reagan at Bitburg.
    It is Barry's insipid words that are always disastrous and he of course did not disappoint.

  7. Well put Don. You're absolutely right. And as a fitting punishment for the Obama Dems, now Trump can monopolize the Chinese-American, Filipino-American, Korean-American, and Southeast Asian-American votes.

  8. Well put Don. You're absolutely right. And as a fitting punishment for the Obama Dems, now Trump can monopolize the Chinese-American, Filipino-American, Korean-American, and Southeast Asian-American votes.

  9. How many lives were saved by The Bomb? Here are two estimates: (How the Atomic Bomb Saved 4,000,000 Lives
    Omaha World Herald | November, 1987 | Davis ) (Back to Hiroshima: Why Dropping the Bomb Saved Ten Million Lives )
    Adm. Dan Gallery (captured the U-505) wrote once that we could have blockaded and starved them into surrendering. Of course, women, children, and old people would have starved first, food being saved for the soldiers. I'm pretty sure we'd have felt far worse about doing that.