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Friday, May 13, 2016

"Clinton launches blitzkrieg on Trump"

Serious-minded people have asked me why I support Trump. No one generates as much news, gives more interviews or pisses off as many pundits. And now, Hillary Clinton plans to give him her paid media by dusting off her husband's 1992 playbook and using it 24 years later.

From the Hill:
Hillary Clinton is going negative early on Donald Trump. 
The Democratic presidential front-runner and super-PACs aligned with her campaign have released videos of other Republicans ripping the presumptive GOP nominee and of Trump making fun of a disabled reporter.
Other attacks highlight numerous insults Trump has used against women — including his controversial remarks about Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly after the first Republican debate — and compare the businessman unfavorably with past Republican presidents. 
The effort is all about making sure Trump is branded early in the general election campaign, say Clinton allies.  
It’s also about beating Trump to the punch.
“We had to. It was either let him walk all over us or create opportunities where we could throw the first few punches,” said one Clinton ally. 
Tracy Sefl, who served as a senior adviser to the super-PAC Ready for Hillary, said it was “smart” for the campaign to slam Trump early.  
Team Clinton has concluded that Trump’s GOP opponents, who in many cases wanted to woo the businessman’s supporters, waited too long to make the case against him during the Republican primary process. 
“I really don’t think it’s possible to remind voters enough of his offensive and unintelligible remarks,” Sefl said. 
Does anyone think Jeb Bush's use of the 1992 playbook will work this time?

The negative ads may not have worked in the primary season because they looked small, they looked retaliatory, or they looked like politics as usual. Probably a little of all three with a few more reasons thrown in.

Trump has made this election a referendum on him. These negative ads so early play into that.


  1. Have they looked at the demographics of the last 8 or 10 primaries?

    Trump is doing well with not only Republican and Independent women, but crossover Democrats as well.

    For the Ozark Mafia, the Internet, talk radio, Twitter, or alternative media has never happened.

    They are Wile E Coyote and Trump is the oncoming freight train.

  2. Hill: "That's old news!" Yep, and still true. Past performance does indicate future performance.

  3. If people felt that things were relatively secure and stable, attack ads would work. But they're not, so they won't. IMHO, right now, voters just view that as unseemly and disgusting when there are so many external Clear And Present Dangers. Hillary is completely tone deaf to this. That is why she is going to get her ass handed to her in November.

  4. Hillary Clinton going negative on Trump? HA HA HA HA HA! - Elric

  5. Going negative is all Hillary has. Even her supporters get stumped when asked to name her accomplishments.

  6. "Does anyone think Jeb Bush's use of the 1992 playbook will work this time?"

    Jeb Bush?

    "Who's Jeb?"
    "Jeb's dead."

    -Mikey NTH

  7. This ought to make Hillary Clinton more 'likable' and more 'honest', her two biggest problems. She can't fix herself, so she'll attempt to tear him down. What the media did not create it cannot destroy, thus these types of ads will continue to be a Money Pit, proving what most of Americans already know about their political class - that they cannot learn from mistakes and that they spend money on things that do not work.

  8. First, you have to understand is that
    Trump believes that there is no such
    thing as bad publicity....
    TG McCoy

  9. If I were heading Trump's PR campaign or a PAC supporting him, here's what I would do. I'd keep running, day after day, a video clip of the bodies of slain Amb. Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith arriving back in the US at Andrews Air Force Base.

    And I'd ask: When are these heroes going to get the justice they deserve? What did Hillary know about the events in Benghazi, and when did she know it? Is she the person America truly needs in the Oval Office for the next four years? Trump 2016!

  10. How on earth is the '92 playbook applicable to 2016? The only reason Bubba was the Democrat candidate then was because all the Grade A candidates were initially too scared of the post-war bounce Bush Snr was experiencing in the polls, and allowed the second-stringers to fight it out.

    This was the equivalent of all the elites fleeing a threatened city, thereby clearing the way for the remaining lowlifes ... say, a burglar or a pimp ... to become Mayor by default.

    Of course, by the time Bush shot himself in the foot, new taxes wise, it was too late for Slick Willie to be replaced by some non-trailertrash candidate.

    So, again, there is no scope for revisiting 1992 in 2016. Firstly, There is no incumbent. Secondly, Trump resembles Bush Snr about as much as Don Corleone resembles Chico Marx. Thirdly, Hillary Clinton is no outsider these days, and there is no way anyone could ever regard her as "Slick". The woman grates like carborundum.

    This Janus woman is fighting the last war even as she creates the next one.