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Friday, May 13, 2016

Clinton clobbering Trump 48-46

Oh now I can feel that 50-state landslide that is inevitable. What fools we were. Is it too late to bring George Pataki back to save us from the misery of Trump's defeat?

I mean the Gravis Poll shows Clinton up two points.

Oh my gosh.

Everyone was right.

It is 1964 all over again.

From the Hill:
The One America News Network and Gravis Marketing poll shows the Democratic presidential front-runner with 48 percent support over 46 percent for the presumptive GOP nominee in a head-to-head general election matchup. Another 5 percent said they would vote for a different candidate.
That falls in line with other polls that show Clinton’s lead slimming as Trump begins mounting his general election campaign against her.
In a Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday, Clinton had a lead of 4 points over Trump, 42 to 38 percent.
It's over. We will need hemlock. Mass quantities of hemlock.


  1. We keep seeing that spread and it's May, not October.

    What does queen Cacklepants do when the race tightens?

    1. As Don King says, "When all else fails ... chunkier jewellery".

  2. What was the margin of error in this poll? If the difference between the candidates is that number or less - actually, within twice that number because the margin for error is plus or minus - then it is in fact showing a tie.


    1. For a survey of nearly 1600 people, a 2% difference between the two candidates has a 42% chance of being a random result (i.e, consistent with a coin flip). In other words, there's almost a 50% chance this survey is completely meaningless. Is anyone surprised by that? To make a difference of 2% between the candidates a significant result at the 95% level of confidence (i.e., only a 5% chance the poll can be explained by a coin flip), the survey would have to poll approximately 9500 people. A poll of that many people who are actually willing to answer an anonymous phone survey gets mighty expensive...especially for lazy pollsters.

    2. MOE is 2.5. You need to look up oan poll and dig through it.

  3. "Hillary's America" Trailer | First Trailer HD


    1. I'd make that "Hillary: America's Trailer Trash" because, well, I'm just in a foul mood, and it's HER fault.

  4. How many people are they contacting who DO NOT pick up the phone, refuse to answer when they find it's a poller calling, or lie like crazy when answering the questions. Me? I'm voting for Sacco, or that Vanzetti guy, no Republicans at ALL. Nosirree Bob!

  5. For many reasons, this presidential election will be impossible for the pollsters who base their models on prior elections.

    Put not your trust in pollsters, nor in the son of Silver, in whom there is no help.

    Steve in Greensboro