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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Botanists against carbon dioxide

Officials at Britain's Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew in London decided to panic the populace by saying 21% of the world's plant species are "under threat." Never mind that we are discovering new species daily, panic sells better than actual science.

How can I get away with mocking botanists? Because they are tying their panic to climate change -- a fantasy in which carbon dioxide is seen as a threat to life on the planet. Kathy Willis, director of science at Kew said it may take until 2030 before the impact of climate change can really be measured.

"For most of the major groups of plants we're talking about, it takes at least 10, 20, 30 years before the next generation starts to produce flowers and pollen," she said.

It's as if she never heard of photosynthesis.

From Yahoo News:
A fifth of the world's plant species are at risk of extinction, British researchers warned Tuesday in an unprecedented global census of the plant kingdom.
The survey by Britain's Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London, said 21 percent of species are under threat. The report, the first of its kind, is intended to become a global reference point for the study of plants.
The study, which estimates there are a total of 390,900 plants known to science, found farming to be the biggest extinction threat, representing 31 percent of the total risk to plants.
Logging and the gathering of plants followed at 21.3 percent, with construction work attributing for 12.8 percent of the risk.
The threat of climate change and severe weather was estimated at making up 3.96 percent, although scientists said it may be too early to measure the long-term effects.
Other threats came from invasive species, dam-building and fires.

After a while, you realize that real science is conducted without a press release or a government grant.


  1. Those pathetic fools. I'd pity them, but it's their own decision to be that way.

  2. They aren't as stupid as they seem. They think we can't see through the ruse, though. Shows you what they think of us.

    1. I dunno; they're following the crowd--that provides the money.

  3. Don't panic. Look on the bright side. The report claims "climate change" is only a minor threat to plants, almost 10X less a threat than farming is. Ergo, to save the world, farmers must stop farming and and every one of you foodies must stop eating immediately! But note, whatever the potential impact farming or "climate change" may be, it will take another 10-20 years to determine whether such an effect is actually occurring. Now, I find that's quite a relief, because, according Climate Warmists who are in full panic mode, the science is settled: even as I type, the seas are rising and islands are sinking owing to increased CO2 in the atmosphere. Call me crazy, but I'd have thought the biggest natural consumers of CO2 on the planet, plants, would be the first to show the effects of widespread man-made CO2 "poisoning" of the atmosphere. Apparently, if plants can reveal the truth, the final word on the subject has yet to be written.

  4. So, if the greenies really loved the planet they'd quit eating organic food which has orders of magnitude in yield less than regularly modern farmed produce.

  5. Is this the result of modern education, or the fact that they have to play ball to keep the grant money flowing?