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Monday, May 09, 2016

Austria for Austrians wins


From the Washington Post:
Austria’s chancellor resigned Monday, citing insufficient political support within his party to deal with challenges, including efforts to confront the ongoing migrant crisis.
The surprise move by Werner Faymann followed a back-of-the-pack showing last month by his Social Democratic Party in the first round of the presidential election, which was led by the right-wing Freedom Party that favors a harder line against migrants and refugees streaming into Europe.
Faymann, chancellor since 2008, was the European Union’s second-longest-serving national leader after German Chancellor Angela Merkel and among the highest-profile political casualties amid uneasiness over the waves of migrants and others seeking to reach Europe.
It also could amplify debates inside Austria over border controls and other steps as the migrant flow potentially shifts from Aegean Sea crossings to routes across the Mediterranean to Italy — putting Austria among the countries next on the trail of those heading north.
Since World War II ended, liberals have indoctrinated people into believing patriotism is evil.

Turns out, patriotism is what will save us from evil.


  1. It may take a while for Europe to snap out of its torpor, but when it does I wouldn't want to be a Muslim in Europe. - Elric

    1. What difference would it make? their response to everything is to blow it up.
      Make em mad, they blow the place up. Offer them shelter and comfort, they blow the place up.

  2. This is what nationalism looks like once you you strip off the fake, cheap cheap scares of multiculturalism from the Left. Hillary Clinton oughta be scared right now. She oughta be really, really scared. Like Blair Witch Project scared.

  3. And to think the Germans once thought they had a "Jewish problem." How times have changed.

  4. Austrians, on the evidence they have, see Muslims as highly unlikely to ever become anything much like Austrians.

  5. In their monetary history of the Unites States Friedman and Schwartz make the point that the reason that the Great Contraction became so generalized is because of the requisite interconnectivity imposed by the recently founded Federal reserve system. In The Ascent of Money Ferguson makes the point that WWI was in part precipitated by the amount of globalisation that took place in the three decades preceding it, again the ripple effect was extended because of interconnections. Otto Hintze, in his essay on the formation of states and constitutions makes the point that too much emphasis is laid onrelations within what eventually become states, when they are at least as much formed by their relations with the others outside their borders, making the claim that they really never begin to form until the shape of the country has been delineated both within and without. Borders are damn important. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  6. I still can't figure out why white European countries would want millions of islams. what is behind them wanting to be taken over. at least in a war they would have a chance to survive. must be some kind of metal illness.