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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Another 557 million things the media got wrong about Trump

Donald Trump's refusal to release his income tax returns, which are protected from prying eyes by federal law, is driving his Trumpophobic critics nuts. I know, short trip. The big guess was that the Donald is broke. From the Huffington Post: "Is Donald Trump Broke?"

And from Fortune magazine: "Why Donald Trump's Tax Returns May Prove He's Not That Rich." Such speculation begs the question: Why would anyone take Fortune magazine serious when it comes to business or personal finance after this?

Of course he is not broke. Far from it. His gross income last year was $557 million, according to the required Federal Election Commission form that Trump filed on Tuesday -- a form that Bernie Sanders has not yet filed, according to Trump.

However, the media keeps going for broke in an attempt to show he is not a billionaire 10 times over, but merely three or four times over. From MSNBC:
Donald Trump boasted Tuesday that his newly-filed personal financial disclosure form is the "largest in the history of the FEC" and outlines an income higher than $557 million.
Trump filed the form, which he says clocks in at 104 pages and shows "tremendous cash flow," with the Federal Election Commission Tuesday. Trump says that the documents also demonstrate a revenue increase of "approximately $190 million dollars," not including dividends, interest, royalties and other sources of income. He also said his net worth is "in excess of $10 billion dollars," a figure experts dispute.
Experts dispute?

Turns out the experts are Forbes. The magazine says he is worth $4.5 billion based on, I am not really sure Steve Forbes who owns the magazine even reads it anymore. I get that the media should be suspicious of a candidate, but why is the media only suspicious about him? Why not go after Clinton? She hides from the press. Trump takes them on.

The media routinely lies about Trump. Remember when the media said he could have done better if he invested his "inheritance" in a stock index fund in 1974?

There were only three problems with that. 1. His father died 25 years later in 1999. 2. John Bogle didn't start the first stock index fund until 1975. 3. The $200 million figure this was based on was an amount in 1999 split among him and three siblings, and possibly other heirs.

I went through all that in an earlier post.

Trump is rich. He rakes in money from various sources. What he is worth and what he pays in taxes are his business. The only people interested are Never Trumpers who grasp any and all straws to try to stop what grows more inevitable by the day. They cannot argue against his ideas -- putting America first and establishing a border with Mexico. And so they speculate and piddle away what's left of their credibility.


  1. He knows business. I'm sitting here laughing my arse off at the mess in NYC at Grand Central. That's DiBlasio. That's Cuomo. That's Schumer. Hell, that's the Clintons! Demmies have no skills at the meat and potatoes stuff. They just want more of your money. Donald is gonna change that...

  2. Got a little hyperbolic at the end there, didn't you?

    "[NeverTrumpers] cannot argue against his ideas -- putting America first and establishing a border with Mexico. "

    Which NeverTrumpers are against putting America first? And anyone who takes about five seconds to Google can find plenty of NeverTrumpers who are firmly against illegal immigration and want to see a wall built.

    Saying otherwise is nothing but slander. If NeverTrumpers were Trumpers you'd be threatened with lawsuits.

    1. I vividly recall some of the charter members of the #NeverTrump crowd decrying Trump and his supporters as "nationalists!", even "nativists", which are derogatory epithets intended to silence people who think the interests of their nation should come first in international affairs. Translation - those who prefer globlism with atrophied or completely open borders find national interests embarassing, if not threatening.

    2. Most Nevertumpers are both globalists and idiots. Some are assholes, too.

  3. Hyperbole? Talkin' 'bout Trump REQUIRES hyperbole!

  4. One strongly suspects Trump is playing the media once again like a fiddle.

  5. "Donald Trump's refusal to release his income tax returns... is driving his Trumpophobic critics nuts."

    What difference, at this point, does it make?