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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

77% in West Virginia

West Virginia Republicans nominated a billionaire for president, and West Virginia Democrats nominated a billionaire for governor, Jim Justice. This is Trump Country. He took every county and ran up the score -- beating Cruz 77% to 9%.

Ours is the Trumpiest state in the whole USA. In the Snow White of politics, our dwarf is Trumpy. In Nebraska on the same day, Trump got 61%. How cute.

West Virginians know they are getting a raw deal in Washington. Neither senator much cares about them. Democrat Joe Manchin and Republican Shelley Moore Capito have good constituent services. They are always good for throwing a federal bone at us. But the policies they support are at odds with the needs of the people.

I am less harsh on the trio we elected to the House, Republicans all. David McKinley is an engineer who while not a Tea Party man per se, does use logic. Alex Mooney and Evan Jenkins are rookies with Mooney taking the Christian conservative track and Jenkins taking the Chamber of Commerce route. Jenkins is doing God's work. He represents the most deadly district in the country with a drug overdose rate that lead s the nation, largely from opioids. Killing jobs and replacing them with handouts led to such a mess. We can do that ideology thing till hair grows on our palms, but a bipartisan commitment to ending this abuse is needed. Curbing Medicaid, Medicare and VA purchases of opioids is a subject that needs to be broached.

Trump won because he is an American first. He's the craw in the establishment's throat. Three out of four Republicans in West Virginia cheered the craw on. We are the third oldest state as well as the third poorest. We have little to lose. If you are lucky, we will tell you to get off our lawn before firing.

Give 'em hell, Donald. Bloody, rotten, stinking hell. Washington mucked this country up. Time to give that town an enema.

Sanders won the Democratic primary. His voters will vote for Trump in November. A repeat of that 77% is possible.

Justice won because his two opponents were trial lawyers. We are tired of them. Don't know how to call the governor's race. Republican Bill Cole may be better organized. We shall see.

And we are tired of the McGraw Clan of lunatics. That cashew Darrell tried to win back that Supreme Court seat he fell into 40 years ago. Voters told him to take a hike. Beth Walker won. Soon the majority on the state's highest court will be women.

Trump does not need to come back to West Virginia. Romney took every county last time. But Trump will. He's a man of the people and you do not get more hoi polloi than West Virginia.

Cruz won't be able to steal these delegates. We elected 31 delegates directly. Trump took them all. I suggest all states do that to stop the next thief with a Harvard law degree.

Things do not look good for Democrats down ballot in West Virginia.

Now for the feel good moment in the campaign. On Sunday, an assailant beat Richard Ojeda with brass knuckles, sending him to the hospital. Ojeda, a highly decorated veteran, was hospitalized. He said it was politically motivated and I believe him. Anyway, he beat the incumbent in the Democratic Primary 56% to 44%. That's uplifting.


  1. I laughed out loud, this is a button for the ages: "Ours is the Trumpiest state in the whole USA. In the Snow White of politics, our dwarf is Trumpy."

    But what a great post. May God grant that we are all energized to bring back our America again, to to restore the people, in West Virginia, in every state.

    1. Agree, Tina. This post gave me shivers, actually. God put me exactly where he wanted me to be, after 28 years down in Gaithersburg. I am SO blessed to be able to call myself a West Virginia resident now. I hear her voice, in the morning hour she calls me...


  2. Third oldest state? 1863? If you're considering it as part of Virginia, OK.