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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Will #NeverSurber begin?

On March 15, 2016, Donald Trump lapped the field in the Super Tuesday primaries. To stop him, people at the RNC and their buds in the press rallied behind Ted Cruz under the #Never Trump hashtag, because we know from experience how well these hashtag campaigns by the Obama administration have gone. A month later the results are in.

Apparently support for Trump is up and support for Cruz is down. I say apparently because anymore, the political polls might as well be darts thrown at the dartboard by drunken fools. Hillary was supposed to win Michigan by 20, remember? Lost by 2.

But that is politics. Let's talk about what really matters: Me.

Yesterday, Jonah Goldberg at National Review tweeted: "I haven't supported any of the frontrunners -- Jeb, Carson or Trump. But not supporting Trump is my only crime."

I tweeted back: "You will come around. Others may not because they are childish."

This led to a new post today at National Review: "No, I Will Never ‘Come Around’ to Supporting Trump."

So let me mark him down as a maybe.

A few of his readers took to Twitter to say I insulted them. Good. I encourage them to start a #NeverSurber hashtag. If they do who knows? I could be at 18 in next month's Fox News poll.


  1. I like Jonah but he has painted himself into a corner with the #NeverTrump crowd. If any of them actually vote for Hillary they should turn in their GOP membership cards. - Elric

  2. They're going to eat their words.

    The fact is, the ugly stuff about the Cruz campaign is just starting to come out.

  3. If they vote for Hillary, they should turn in their "Citizen Cards".

  4. If they vote for Hillary, they should turn in their "Citizen Cards".

  5. Goldberg is waiting for the next Calvin Coolidge to come along. I've got news for him: CC ain't coming back.

    If Goldberg's favorite GOPe puppet were to win the Republican nomination, Goldberg would be lecturing the rest of us not to sit the election out or else we'd be handing the presidency over to the Democrats. Now if Trump should become the Republican nominee over Goldberg's objections, will Goldberg sit out the election? Or will he vote for Trump, if only to keep the Democrats out of the White House? It will be interesting to see. I'm curious to see what he would say if someone asked him the hypothetical: if Donald is the Republican nominee, will you vote for him in November? How many excuses might he offer for saying NO?

  6. I am on the verge of #NeverNRO because of their blatantly biased position on Trump. I no longer trust them. As Pubilius Syrus wrote long ago: "Trust, like the soul, never returns once it has gone."

  7. I love Don Surber! Keep at 'em, Mr. Surber!

  8. GO Don Surber! GO Don Surber!

  9. Big D, lemme put it to ya this way...when you start hittin the threes, keep shooting and don't stop. There's no better feeling on earth than lettin the long ball fly as Jonah stumbles in late on D and as your rock rips the net, looking down at him and then shrugging your shoulders, as in, sorry bro, I didn't wanna face your ass but I guess I just did. It's a hard job but somebody's gotta do it...

  10. From the 'Megyn Kelly Goes To Trump Tower' thread at AoSHQ - part of my 'Candidates in Cars' series where the candidates and some close advisors are in vehicles - Trump sits on a throne atop a gaudy RV decorated with the skulls of clowns and candidates:

    The rope ladder sways beneath the helicopter and the blonde times her leap, landing on the roof of the RV.
    "You shall now pay for your heinous crimes, Trump, for Megyn Kelly shall put you down!"
    The golden scalp weasel hisses.
    "Not even your foul beast, source of your power can save you."
    "You are too late sweetcakes, the prophecy has been fulfilled, all rushes to its conclusion as was foretold."
    "You lie builder of cheap condos and overpriced gin and juke joints."
    "I do not - the delegates of the dead are released and flood the land, none know the full rules as they change quicker than I change wives. Chaos rules the Republican Death Lands."
    "I shall bring Emmy-winning coverage that shall restore pre-Trumpian Order!"
    "You do not see, which is the fault of the haircare products leaching into your female brain. Together we have the star-power to change this, bring the delegates to me, drive the establishment before me, taking the plum pickings of their positions and lock in all of prime time for the year."
    Megyn pauses. "Seriously? Lock in all of primetime? Me?"
    "It is ratings gold if you join me on the Trump side."
    "They shall get an anchor beautiful as the dawn, more powerful than Sixty Minutes! All shall love me and despair!"
    "That's my girl, I knew you could do it!"
    The golden scalp weasel preens at the New Alliance of Fox and Trump.

    Posted by: *Mikey NTH - The Outrage Outlet says Get Cheesed Off in Our Dairy Section! at April 14, 2016 02:43 PM (hLRSq)

  11. Whachoo been smokin', Bro? Muss be da GOOOOOOOD stuff.

  12. Come November the political landscape will look like a new world. All the establishment punks will be changing their affiliation to communist, err democrat, and all the rank and file will be changing theirs to libertarian or Constitutionalist.