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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why they can cut deals with Trump

Byron York talked to Republican insiders. They know Trump is their nominee. They want to make a deal.

On Friday, York discussed "How GOP bigwigs made their peace with Trump." From his column:
Maybe the insiders are deluding themselves. The RealClearPolitics compilation of general election head-to-head polls is a long list of blue numbers favoring Clinton. But the fact is, some influential Republicans are beginning to question the assumption that Trump is guaranteed to lose big.
That's the kind of change that decisive primary victories produce. Add to that the belief that Trump's only remaining GOP rival, Cruz, is too unlikeable to win the White House. "The memories of Trump's last outrageous statements have faded a little bit and he's won big," said another insider. "I think that Boehner obviously put it in pretty blunt language ["Lucifer in the flesh"], but he kind of reflected what the so-called establishment feels. They think they might be able to get along with Trump but remember that they can't get along with Cruz."
.None of this means party insiders are enthusiastic about Trump. As one less optimistic type told me, they are trying to figure out whether to try to help Trump in a general election race or sit out the campaign in a deep funk. But the bottom line is, they can read election results. They realize the voters are telling them something. And they are moving toward accepting Trump as their nominee. "If anything," said another insider, "it may be happening faster than you think."
So the good news is the Establishment types think they can cut deals with Trump. The better news is they can.

Sure. Why not?

He cut deals with Mayors Abraham Beame, Ed Koch, David Dinkins, and Rudy Giuliani to get things done. The result was a new growth in Manhattan. He went from being a millionaire to being a billionaire. The city got a new lease on life. He compromised.

That's a dirty word to Ted Cruz, who memorized the Constitution but who does not recognize that it is the product of compromises throughout.

Consider Congress. The small states wanted each state to have the same power in Congress. The large states wanted to go by population. They compromised. We have a bicameral Congress, with the power of the House based on population, and the power of the Senate based on statehood.

Getting things done in Washington will require trust. Trump built his empire on trust. He is not some up-and-coming Tracy Flick seeking fame and fortune and power. Trump already has all three. He wants to save the nation. He already saved Manhattan.


  1. As far as I can tell, the only deals Dems do is dirty deals. Expensive dirty deals, unlike AC/DC's Dirty Deals Done Dirt Cheap.

  2. I like that: "memorized the Constitution but does not recognize that it is the product of compromises throughout" - that is in essence what a lot on #NoTrump people cant figure out - Mark Levin is a good example.

    Just the WORD "conservative" will turn many crossover voters off.

    You can't have the IDEAL, you have to work with the POSSIBLE.

    1. Politics is the art of the possible. I don't remember who said it first.

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  4. Nice piece.

    As for RCP, they average, old with the new, so you have to be discerning.

    The last several match-ups have Trump within the MOE or tied.

    The old double digit blowouts are just that.


    As for Cruz, we've seen how much he really loves the constitution the last month or so, but I'll bet that anointed stuff is more him. Strikes me as too precious for words.

    But he would expect everybody to bend for him. Carter.

    Trump sounds more like Reagan.