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Friday, April 08, 2016

Why Hillary is losing again

Her voice is shrill, but that is not it. Her laugh is forced and fake, but that is not it. Her body is gnomelike, but that is not it. Her age is approaching 70, but that is not it. Her Cabinet tenure was a disaster, but that is not it. The reason Democrats are rejecting Hillary for a second time is not even about her. There is a one-word explanation, which no one else will mention.


Because Democrats sold out everything they believe in to save the first President Clinton, they are unwilling to nominate a second one. But it is more than his commission of perjury. Lewinsky is part of a long trail of scandal.

Like the cloud of dust that follows Pigpen in the "Peanuts" comic strip, scandal dogs Hillary. Cattle futures. Whitewater. Paula Jones. Lewinsky. Benghazi. Email. I am probably overlooking a few.

Remember no drama Obama?

That is why Democrats are looking for a way out. Traditional politicians bailed because Hillary's campaign had a Scrooge McDuck swimming pool filled with gold coins. But Bernie dared and he has her on the ropes.

A Bernie-Donald battle is not as unlikely today as it was three weeks ago.


  1. Hillary has a substantially larger lead on Bernie than Trump has on Cruz, yet you think Sanders is ready to rally for victory and Cruz is doomed? This blog continues to entertain. I still think Sanders has an excellent chance of taking the nomination but it's not one word why, it's three letters: F B I

    1. Can't wait for another edition of your Common Core math to explain a far-flung statement. Like I said, this blog is way too entertaining to leave.
      BTW - who are you supporting in the Gov race in W.Va.?

  2. Anonymous, I like this Blog, more to my way of thinking. Your comments at times are more snarky than I believe are warranted. You have good things to contribute but sometimes it seems you are off your meds.

  3. As more a lurker than commenter, I am always amazed by Don's strong support for Trump. I generally find Don's commentaries enlightening and intelligent, but I just don't get Trump, I guess.

    Trump is unconvincingly vulgarian, but I nevertheless applaud him for moving the Overton window on many issues. But so far I am convinced he will not win if Hillary is the Dem nominee. Alternatively, if Sanders is the nominee, Trump will expose Sanders as an economically naïve socialist knave and so doom Sanders to a McGovern-like fate. But so far, Trump does not make me feel that he will be a good president.

  4. "Bernie dared and he has her on the ropes."

    Who Dares Wins - the motto of the Special Air Service.

    PS Don's commentary must be hitting all the right notes and getting around the blogosphere.

    I see we have Cruzist infiltrators, trying to muddy the waters.

  5. Seem to have leftie trolls, too.

  6. "Because Democrats sold out everything they believe in to save the first President Clinton"

    About the Lewinsky affair, what sticks is not that the Democrats betrayed their core beliefs, but rather they nakedly exposed for everyone to see what they truly believe. The Democrats believe in power: getting it and keeping it, the rule of law be damned.

  7. The more w jc attacks obama the more confident I am that hillary will be indicted. The dems know bernie could not win a general election. Biden will be "convinced" to ride to the rescue. November , Biden vs Trump.