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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why Cruz hasn't caught on

Our moral and intellectual superiors in Washington make the lame argument that because he has only a plurality of the vote in a multiple candidate race, a majority of Republicans oppose Trump. If so, why has the Ted Cruz campaign failed to catch fire?

In the national polls, Trump was ahead 36% to 20.8% in the Real Clear Politics Average Of Polls the day Rubio dropped out.

Now Trump is ahead 43% to 30%.

In the the six primaries since Rubio dropped out, Trump won 155 delegates and Cruz has won 87, with Kasich getting 6.

Add 34 delegates the Colorado State Party gave Cruz, it is Trump 155, Cruz 121. Even with all the manipulation, Trump picked up 55% of the delegates divvied up post-Rubio -- 62% when voters actually get to vote.

That puts Trump well on his way to win on the first ballot.

So why hasn't Cruz caught on?

1. Message.

Trump: Make America Great Again.

Cruz: TrusTed.

Trump's campaign is about America. Cruz's is about him.

2. Speaking style.

Trump is entertaining and who knows what he will say next?

Cruz is drawing crowds but his nasally voice and droopy face are downers.

3. Organization.

Trump does not have one.

Cruz is using the Christian conservative network. Its appeal is limited.

Those are my three reasons Cruz has not caught on. Readers may have more.


  1. FWIW, NBC is saying Trump is at 50 and Cruz at 26, among Republicans, so it may be even a bit bigger.

    OK, reasons, and I can only give you the ones that turned me off, but I've heard other people mention some in different form.

    1 Action Trump fights back out in the open, speaks plain.

    Cruz is a sneak, and a hypocrite. The whole "We're just taking advantage of the rules" thing has struck a sour note with the country. He acts like a sleazy lawyer going behind people's backs, twisting things to his advantage.

    2 Philosophy Trump is who he is, no big manifestos.

    Cruz is the One True Conservative Shining On A hill. If you don't see it his way, you are no Conservative. His claque is all about shouting people down (and I don't think this is by accident). Too much like the Lefties.

    3 Personality Trump is a man of the people, what Kipling meant when he said, "If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    Or walk with Kings---nor lose the common touch". People like him and trust him

    Cruz seems to be somebody forever trying to convince people how superior he is. He also goes out of his way to make people dislike him.

    A fourth is less mine than one that I've noticed in others who would seem a natural fit in terms of preference for Cruz.

    Trump makes no apology for his love life and his ex-wives.

    Cruz natters, lectures, and moralizes at people. A real show-stopper.

    Also, the first question I asked when I really thought about Cruz, "Do we really want another first term Senate ideologue?".

    1. I agree with everything you wrote, but riddle me this: what is the difference between Trump the Candidate and Palin the Candidate?

    2. Trump doesn't have a McCain trying to doublecross him.

    3. BeautifuI! Trump is better than Sarah because he has no McCain aIbatross around his nec

    4. Wait until he HAS a VP candidate.

  2. Said it before and will say it again, people. Who would you rather have: Cruz or McConnell? We have been sold so far down the river at this point I think I see Brazil. Ted is acceptable to me if DJT falters. Kasich? Punch line to a bad joke.

  3. He shares three attributes with those who have d**ked up this country. He's a Harvard grad; a lawyer; a politician.

    'nuff said.

  4. I can not comment anything. but thanks for the review of information

  5. The plurality argument always struck me as being inane:

    Mr. A: "He only has 40% support, that means 60% want someone other than him! What do you say to that? Huh? Huh?"

    Mr. B: "The person you want has only 15% support, that means 85% want someone other than him. Can we find another argument, one that isn't stupid to the bone?"

    - Mikey NTH

  6. SimpIy put, Ted Cruz is not BORN IN THE USA... he's not, BORN IN THE USA. We want Americans for our presidents damnit! Didn't the African the Iast 8 yrs teach us anything about foreigners occupying our White House?

    1. Exactly. I wonder, in Canada do they call a basketball hoop a "ring"? Do they even HAVE basketball in Canada? I want a born & raised in the USA AMERICAN for President.

    2. Question: Are children of our servicemen overseas thus prohibited? Children of our government's employee's? Children of any US citizen who are born out of the country?

  7. Three reasons: 1) He looks and acts like a TV evangelist, 2) He looks and acts like Hollywood's image of a shifty politician, 3) As Geraldo Rivera observed he looks a bit creepy.


  8. Cruz is not a born & raised in the USA American.
    Cruz's voice & speaking manner are nasally, whiny, and condescending.
    Cruz's face always looks like he has gas or is smelling his own gas.
    Cruz campaign's dirty tricks such as what he did to Ben Carson.
    Glenn Beck.
    Lyin' Ted's lies.
    National Enquired story (I read most of the print edition of it in the grocery store checkout line and it is MUCH deeper & more sordid than anything they talked about on tv & in blogs.