Saturday, April 09, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. Amazing. Reminds me of trail cams of a bobcat taking down a deer.

  2. Must have considerable jaw power!

  3. Went to that Web site and looked at a few more videos. Most are interesting, However, I'll call your attention to the one the commenters there called The Solar System. It's cute but as a representation of the solar system it's wrong in almost every respect. Here's one example. "Neptune," the outermost planet, has an actual orbital period around the Sun of 165 Earth years. Consequently, in a single run of the video clip, during which time "Neptune" is shown to make one revolution around the "Sun", the innermost third ball representing the "Earth" would have to circle the "Sun" 165 times, whereas it is shown doing it fewer than 10 times. Also, of course, the distances of the planets from the Sun follow Bode's Law of 1766 and are not evenly spaced as is shown. I concede, however, such artistic license is okay.

  4. Hey, Don, did you watch the one that shows the evolution of the Mustang?

    1. Missed it. I'll have to delve into that