Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tweet of the day


  1. OK! This one IS funnier than the one at Instapundit. (Same time, different blog.)

  2. Oddly enough that was off an Instapundit retweet

  3. Springsteen has turned into a real idiot...there was a time many years ago where I quite liked him.

    Big money and the entitlement mentality /lifestyle that accompanies it has trashed him.

    Sprinsteen's problem like many of his ilk is that they start to believe in their own BS and then preach it.

    Stick to your music Bruce, there are few who are interested in your tantrum politics.

    Sam C

  4. OMG! Now I'm really worried. Is it possible that all of this PC, SJW BS is contagious? Is there an antidote? Is the whole country going stupid? - Elric

  5. I have never, ever, ever understood how anyone could listen to him. Absolute garbage.

  6. I thought he should have started his set with a gigantic wedding cake.

    Especially, since he won't "bake the cake"