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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Trump shuts out Ted

Trump thumped Cruz as New Yorkers showed the junior senator those New York Values he mocked. Voters humiliated Cruz, not giving him one delegate as Trump won at least 89 of the 95 delegates. Trump is less than 400 delegates away from the nomination. Cruz needs nearly 700 of the remaining 731 delegates to win the nomination.

To put this in perspective, Trump took 48 delegates in Texas, where Cruz won 104 delegates.

Trump has won 154 delegates and Cruz 87 in the six contests since Super Tuesday, in which Trump schlonged the field. The score is now Trump 845 delegates, Cruz 559.

In the popular vote, Trump is ahead 8,716,136 to 6,387,243.

Trump now leads by 286 delegates and 2,328,893 voters.

After Wisconsin, The Donald was The Dead. Remember? But I ran the numbers and posted "Forget 1,237. Trump is on the way to 1,378."

A few people asked me at the time what I was smoking. But after New York, Trump is ahead of that pace for 1,378. But we shall see.

Tuesday night's victory speeches told more of the tale for November than you may think.

Trump was the first to declare victory. The networks patiently waited for his entrance. His wife and some of his children (and at least one grandson) made a grand entrance as he cascaded down from his penthouse at Trump Tower. He spoke for eight minutes (interrupted by hecklers) and sounded ready to move on to a more presidential stage of his campaign.

A little while later, the networks switched to a man at Hillary headquarters firing up the crowd before her speech.

Got that?

Trump does not need anyone to warm up the crowd.

Both candidates are flawed and terrible messengers, but this election will be decided on the message, and because of that this has been a particularly nasty election. Trump represents change, a change that threatens Republicans in DC more than Obama did.

Ted Cruz should man up, concede defeat, and go back to his day job in the Senate. But he must stay in the race until Goldman Sachs says enough is enough.


  1. IN will be interesting to see if the bloom is really of the Cruz rose (and I have a feeling it is).

    1. The IN Republican establishment is well entrenched and quite vicious. I don't expect Trump to win there unless there's a lot of crossover...and there could be.

    2. Hoosiers are smart enough to see a winner. Don't bet the farm on Ted. I was for Ted but he has lost my support for multiple reasons.

  2. Cruz had a bad interview on Hannity ystrdy. Came across as a supreme ass.

  3. Watch for The Donald to become more Presidential while Ted Cruz becomes more desperate. It should be interesting. - Elric

  4. 'But he must stay in the race until Goldman Sachs says enough is enough.'

    Oooh touche Don...but more than likely not, true.

    The "anti establishment" Establishment's man.
    Ted might convince himself that he has done nothing untoward and that all is kosher according to house rules but you can't toot yourself as the man of change and the need to clean up DC and then play by the intrenched's rules to get there.

    I think Ted knows this deep down and consequently brays loud.
    I also think he is being used as the logical step,(stepping stone)to insert the candidate of choice of the GOPe into the slot in Cleveland.

    Not that Ted may not be aware of this, but he's somebody's foot soldier and if the payoff is good, I don't think he will care.

    Sam C

    1. Right ON, Sam!

      Yes, he is somebody's footsoldier - and Trump, warts and all, is not owned by anyone at all.

      Being 78, I have to admire a man who "has the world by the tail on a downhill pull" in his late 60's giving up a rich retirement for the toughest job in the world.

      Almost enough to make one think: just maybe he wants to try to save the best country the world has ever known, and is willing to pay the personal price.

  5. Good points Sam C.

    Joe Hoft (brother of Gateway Pundit) says after next week, Trump will need less than 50% of remaining delegates