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Saturday, April 02, 2016

They do not want to Make America Great Again

Donald Trump: "Make America Great Again."

The reaction in Washington is eye-opening.

"Look, this is a campaign that’s run on know-nothing xenophobia. It will damage the party." -- Charles Krauthammer.

"He’s appealing entirely to white people. He’d need 70 percent of the white vote. It would destroy the Republican party by making it the party of white people." -- George Will.

"He’s effectively vowing to be an American Mussolini, concentrating power in the Trump White House and governing by fiat. It’s a vision to make the last 16 years of executive abuse of power seem modest." -- David Boaz, executive vice president of the Cato Institute.

"A diet, caffeine-free Marxist (really, the only thing wrong with being a Marxist is being a Marxist); a driven, leftist crook; and an explosive, know-nothing demagogue — all are competing to see who can be even more like Mussolini than is Obama. But in the caudillo department, surpassing even our own Evita, the Donald wins." -- novelist Mark Helprin.

"Sure, call Trump a Nazi. Just make sure you know what you’re talking about. The inventor of Godwin's Law about Hitler comparisons on the Internet says they're not always inappropriate." -- headline for a column by Michael Godwin.

I used to think they dislike him because he threatens their livelihoods, because many of them and their friends are human leeches. But when I hear or read slams about the "lowest common denominator" and appealing to the uneducated, I realize the hate for Trump is more than a fear of losing their job; they live in Washington and loathe the rest of us.

“Well, Doctor, what have we got — a Republic or a Monarchy?”

Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

We have not kept it. 'Tis time to restore our Republic, and Make America Great Again.


  1. A diet, caffeine-free Marxist (really, the only thing wrong with being a Marxist is being a Marxist); a driven, leftist crook; and an explosive, know-nothing demagogue — all are competing to see who can be even more like Mussolini than is Obama.

    The big winner in this election is Jonah Goldberg, the author of the book "Liberal Fascism," who has succeeded in erasing the fictitious line that the Left drew between socialism and fascism. Even a Leftist can be a Fascist, and it's now acceptable to accuse people like Obama or Sanders of being closet Fascists. Back in the day, only People of the Right could be Fascists. Now we're all equal opportunity Fascists, Left or Right. That's progress!

    1. I'm not sure I get what you are saying. I read Liberal Fascism. The main thing to take away from that book is that fascism was and is a left wing phenomenon. Racism and various other hatreds are either totally separate from the phenomenon, or are tools to be used by it. Rightward thinking extends from the center right of Merkel's Christian Democrats to Libertarianism. Anarchy isn't on the spectrum because it is impossible, and there will always be some form of de facto government. There is by definition no form of right wing fascism. If you think otherwise, you did not really read the book. I have my doubts that Goldberg himself realized the full implications of what he was writing, as he continues to utilize contrary assumptions in some of his writing even after two editions of the book. He and many of his compatriots have placed themselves on the left side of the right half of the spectrum in the past few months. Using the rationale of his own book he places himself closer to fascism than any of those he criticises. That's right. Compared to the average Trump voter, Goldberg is a fascist.

    2. "I'm not sure I get what you are saying."

      I didn't think what I was writing was so unclear. However, if you didn't get my point, it is simply this: we have author Mark Helperin accusing Obama of acting like Mussolini. Now it's a big change when someone dares to put that label on a Democrat of the far Left persuasion because the Left has long "reserved" the Fascist label for the Right. The old political spectrum used to be: Communists and Socialists on the Left, Fascists and Nazis on the Right. And since the Fascists and the Nazis were our enemies in WW II, by definition anyone with that label must be bad. Ergo, the Right = bad. But Mussolini started out as a socialist and as a man of the Left, not the Right. With the historical record corrected, the Left will now have to find a different insult with which to tar Conservatives. The times are achangin'.

  2. It seems that most of the people in the Bos-Wash corridor and the DC Bubble do not, and will not, like the American People, do not and will not LIKE the American People, and refuse to even try to understand them.

    1. Progressivism has ALWAYS just been a way to re-establish an aristocracy to take the place of the hereditary aristocracy displaced first in the French Revolution.

  3. What I got from reading Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism" was that he couldn't afford to pay for an editor.

  4. I read Liberal Fascism. It basically explains the Left's distortion of it's own past. As for the fear and loathing in Washington, D.C. at the very thought of a Trump Administration, I say: We must put this man in office if for no other reason than their extreme discomfiture. - Elric