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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Thank you readers

This was totally unsolicited and surprising.

I am blessed with intelligent and patient readers, You are smarter than me, and very much appreciated.


  1. Definitely.

    You've called them as you see them. You'd like somebody other than Trump if he (or she) were there, no problem. I like the guy (seen a lot of his interviews with Cavuto), but you're rational about it.

    One thing that's turned me off to a lot of talkers and bloggers who prefer Cruz is the constant barracking of anyone who disagrees. Having an intelligent, not to mention calm, conversation is this side of impossible.

    You, the Hoft brothers, Drudge, and the guys at Last Refuge have been willing to dig out the truth and I appreciate that.

    If there's one reason a lot of people get their info from talk radin and the blogosphere is that they're sick of being lied to. That does not happen here.

  2. Big D, you're my WV bro. Yeah Poca! Trump is going to win the whole thing but hey, your life is already vindicated by the things you've done. Roll on down the highway...

  3. I can be a bit offensive, but if you will note, it is usually to someone who has treated someone else unceremoniously. I'm the guy who, if he saw someone dunking a kid in the pool would swim fifty yards to dunk the dunker with lavish savagery and ask him how he liked it.

  4. Don "Not A Rabble Rouser" Surber.

  5. I try to be intelligent and patient, but I don't suffer fools gladly. Hence, my "pox on both houses" attitude toward politics in general and the reason why, barring unexpected disaster before May 10th, I will vote for The Donald. He's our best shot at shaking loose the remoras in Washington, D.C. - Elric