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Friday, April 08, 2016

Seth Mandel defends America's mayor

Seth Mandel is the opinions editor of the New York Post. Can you think of a neater job in newspapers? You get to write opinions in New York that are actually read in New York. Mandel took offense at a Hot Air post -- "Liberal New York Republican to vote for liberal New York Republican" -- ripping it to shreds on Twitter.

I loved it.

Now for my two cents, Rudy Giuliani took on the mob and won. Rudy busted Marc Rich for tax evasion (Rich was trading with the enemy in an Iranian oil scandal). Rudy became mayor and cleaned up the city. Then after decades of hard work, 9/11 happened, and he was America's mayor.

Friends, and I consider readers friends, I do not ridicule supporters of Cruz or even Sanders or Clinton. I try not to. If I have, I apologize. What we are seeing with Never Trump is a good look at the corrupt, out-of-touch, self-righteous Conservative Commentariat that hangs on to ideas and opinions long after they are discredited. Dumping on America's mayor says a lot. No one is perfect and certainly Rudy is no saint. But he fought the good fight and won. Don't smear his good name.

Anyway, I found a new writer to like last night and thought I would share this with readers.

Now to shout free market at the cat.


  1. Cats are authoritarian, NOT free market. But yeah, it is depressing to see conservatives who I thought were very intelligent people get all bent out of shape over Trump. They're going to get what they deserve. - Elric

  2. I'm going to qibble with the bit about "conservative commentariat...long after they are discredited". Many of the ideas are never really discredited, but discussed in an untimely manner. I sometimes go to ISI conferences. One that I often go to had a couple of speakers on topics of interest to me, but one of my son's pointed out that these, while being perfectly fine in their own right, were simply not germane. Interestingly, I recalled at that moment that their conferences never are, except when they are being directed to punching to the right, criticizing someone, or some policy on the right side of the fence. In any case, I conjure Solomon: to everything there is a season.

  3. Mandel has a serious bug up his behind. And how in the hell could anyone be ignoring "cities": that's the only thing Obama and the democrats have catered to for the last 7 1/2 years. But, whine about it a little, Seth.

    I read City Journal, it's one of my favorites. Since most of it deals with the troubles of NY it's kind of hard to read it these days and not grin with schadenfreude at the shit they've bought themselves by voting in a serious commie (I won't quibble if you want to call him a run of the mill collectivist) as their mayor.