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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

School drops federal lunch program

At least one school district has told the federal government to keep its lunch money.

From WTAE in Pittsburgh:
The students have spoken in Penn-Trafford High School, and their district's leaders have listened.
At Monday night's school board meeting, members voted to opt-out of the National School Lunch Program. The federally funded program gives money to school districts who follow strict guidelines on what foods have to be served and the portion sizes of those foods.
PTHS received $100,000 in subsidies for the high school lunch program this year, but less than a quarter of the student body buys lunch.
Three-quarters of the students don't want what Washington puts on the menu.

Good for the school board for listening to the kids not the educrats.

My sister was a school cafeteria worker. She told me when this started that the kids will not eat the food. The kids like broccoli and pizza. If you want them to eat something, stick it in the pizza.


  1. Listening to the students. Will wonders never cease? GOOD for the students, good for the district! Stop wasting food.

  2. Somebody stopped drinking the Kool-Aid. My daughter is in high school and she said not many kids eat the stuff. I have seen some of the food. I wouldn't eat it. - Elric

  3. Kids like broccoli??? Since when?

    Things are worse than I'd realized.

  4. The left is totally baffled by the resistance to the crappy lunches. You know they're thinking "What's wrong with these kids, don't they know that we know what's best for them."

  5. Just preparing them for their future of government provided Soylent Green. -skeneogden

    1. Manufactured with Green Energy? - Elric