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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Republicans are having a great debate

Beneath all the baloney about the size of Trump's hands, the size of Cruz's loan, and Kasich going on and on about his father, the mailman, Republicans actually are having a debate over the future of the party, and the country.
It comes down to whether Republicans will be the Democratic-lite party or move forward in the direction the Tea Party steered it: An opposition party that repairs the damage done by the policies that Washington adopted. While one side argues that because free trade helped the nation as a whole, we should not worry about the collateral damage that cuts a large swatch through the nation.

The Trumpkins argue that we should review free trade agreements. Well why not? I mean while we passed NAFTA in the 193-1994 term of Congress, the nation also adopted Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and the Defense of Marriage Act, and a tougher criminal justice law. We have since rejected DODL and DOMA, and we are talking about reversing the criminal justice reform.

Under tehse circumstances, it is intellectually dishonest to reject any and all calls to review NAFTA and our lesser trade agreements. If you can go from banning gay marriage as immoral to making it a right in just 20 or so years, why can't we even look at the economic impact of a mere policy?

Republicans have to ask themselves, do they stand with what is in the voters or the donors?

If the former, then nominate Trump. If the latter, then many people will tell them to go to hell and take their majorities in Congress with them.

Me? The two-party system is great in theory. I would like to see it in practice again.


  1. I'd very much like to see the GOP bite the bullet and support those who want to vote for it, rather than the donors. As some say, The GOP, it thirsts for death.

  2. Obama's goal is to put AMERICANS out of work, which robs them of their dignity and self-worth. He replaces AMERICAN workers with the poor of every other failing country he can make an excuse for. The day is coming when machines will eliminate a lot of the jobs that unskilled people use to get started in life. As a nation, we'd better have our financial ducks in a row by the time that happens, or else we will have a large underclass of permanently unemployed people. That's how revolutions begin.


    President Ronald Reagan was the greatest protectionist of the post-war era. Can Trump inherit the Reagan Legacy?


    How'd that work out?

    1. Reviewing the extent of our free trade policies equals enactment of Smoot- Hawley.

      Why don't you try an argument?

      - Mikey NTH

  5. If you can go from banning gay marriage as immoral to making it a right in just 20 or so years, why can't we even look at the economic impact of a mere policy?

  6. I suggest that the use of the term "Trumpkin" to describe Trump's supporters is a bit is a bit of a pejorative - rhymes with "bumpkin" which is how the #NeverTrump 'ers see his supporters. Not sure what term works best. Any (positive) suggestions?