Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Quote of the day

Shut out by actual voters in New York state on Tuesday, Ted Cruz had to face reporters today:
REPORTER: The fact that he still has a path to the nomination and you don’t how does this impact your ability to win states in May and continue to win delegates…
CRUZ: I’m curious, did you ask the same question two days ago, with Donald two weeks in a row of crushing landslide defeats, “How does this impact your ability to go forward?”
Via Gateway Pundit who has the video and a pithy comment. Mine is, don't worry, Senator. You can always get the Republican Party to appoint your friends and relatives to those 89 slots Trump won.


  1. You mean those "crushing landslide defeats" where nobody voted?

  2. The problem with your question Sen. Cruz is that with each state moving from the unknown column to the known column the possibilities become more limited and the probabilities become more certain.

    With respect to pledged party delegates - Who wants to be the last man to die for a losing cause? Who wants to be the first to lead the pack? And who wants to be in the comfortable, anonymous middle-of-the-pack as things break?

    Me - I'm middle-of-the-pack all of the way. I like a nice, quiet, respectable, hobbit life with no adventures or any untoward things happening. And what do I get?

    Blast it all.

    - Mikey NTH

  3. That "row of crushing landslide defeats" closed the gap a little, but Trump is still quite a distance ahead. - Elric

  4. There is a question no one is asking as they lose sight of the forest for the trees.

    What does Cruz have that he can use in the general when playing inside baseball better than the other guy isn't going to be enough?

  5. not-be-trusTED Cruz said back on March 16th: “If you don’t have a clear path to win, it doesn’t make sense to stay in the race”

    Seems like he should practice what he preaches ;~)