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Saturday, April 02, 2016

"Poll: Romney's favorability lower than Trump's"


Mitt Romney started a feud with Donald Trump last month. Now Romney is in worse shape than Trump.

From the Hill:
Poll: Romney's favorability lower than Trump's
Mitt Romney's national favorability rating is even lower than Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's, according to a new poll. The 2012 GOP presidential nominee is viewed favorably by 23 percent of registered voters, according to the left-leaning Public Policy Polling survey released Thursday, while 65 percent view him unfavorably.
Trump is viewed favorably by 29 percent, while 63 percent hold an unfavorable view.
Romney went from nice guy who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2012 presidential race, to  partisan hack bitter that a Republican front-runner might do what Romney failed to do -- win.

Republicans for three years were too polite to call him a loser.

But his unprovoked attack on Trump permitted people to be honest instead of polite.


  1. UH, Romney isn't running for POTUS, Don.

    1. Well, they were certainly making noises that way a couple of months ago.

    2. Steve in GreensboroApril 2, 2016 at 11:41 PM

      Romney might very well be running for president.
      1) He publicly advocated for the current GOPe strategy (let’s call it the Romney strategy) being ably executed by Cruz and Kasich of voting for whomever seems likely to take delegates away from Trump to hold him below 1,237.
      2) If the Romney strategy is successful, the GOPe will nominate one of their own. But who? Besides the revered architect of Obamacare, the choices are pretty slim: Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, John Kasich? No. Romney is the clear choice.
      Of course, if the Romney strategy works and they get their brokered convention, whomever the GOPe chooses will certainly lose to the Dem nominee, for the same reasons that the last two lost.

    3. Considering his unfavorability polling it's a good thing he isn't. BTW there have been press reports that the dark forces behind the RNC were going to foist him on the party at the convention., so...

  2. UH, in a brokered convention, the GOPe might hand the nomination to him. Mittens Romneycare lost the election in the debate where he allowed Candy Crowley to take Obungler's side. That was a disgrace that Mittens allowed that to happen. That should have shut CNN out of any future debates. That was the night he lost the election. Would Reagan had allowed that to happen? No. Would Trump allow that to happen? No.

  3. Irony, it's not just for breakfast anymore.

  4. Amusing, maybe, but not surprising. Mitt may be a fine businessman, but if you look up Caspar Milquetoast in the dictionary you'll see a picture of Mitt. Nobody in the base wants him, only the donor class. - Elric