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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Obama's legacy: Lowered expectations

In a column distributed by the Washington Post, David Maraniss, author of "Barack Obama: The Story," set the floor for the Obama legacy -- two floors below that of Bush 43. The Durango Herald headlined it, "Obama's legacy: The first black president."

If after seven years as president that is all he is -- a token -- then he was not a very good president. And Maraniss knows it, but he made the case as good as he can be.

Oh, we have had plenty of lousy white presidents too. It's just we all hoped for better.

From Maraniss:
Stop comparing Obama with the president you thought he might be, and deal with the one he has been.
Well, OK.

If you insist.

On race relations, Obama has brought division. Time after time, he has sided with the worst elements of black supremacy. He has ignored every 150th anniversary of importance including the Gettysburg Address and Lee's surrender at Appomattox, rather than acknowledge the great sacrifice of more than 300,000 white Union soldiers in the emancipation of slaves. This is in keeping with the academic revisionism of American history, which portrays white people only as genocidal maniacs. He gives young black men not a role model, but an extension on that crutch in which one blames all of one's failures on racism.

On health care. Despite a filibuster-proof Senate, Obama was unable to get that socialist medical system he wanted, which rations mediocre medical care for the masses. Think VA. Instead, Obama agreed to a hybrid concoction that would have left Rube Goldberg confused. But I must laugh, because even after forcing all Americans to buy health insurance or pay a fine, insurance companies went broke on this -- with subsidies. Private industry can match government when it comes to incompetence.

On national security. America's secrets are now known to the world thanks to Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, Hillary Clinton, and a host of hackers around the world.

On the war on terrorism. Obama killed Osama bin Laden, and that ended the war on terrorism. Unfortunately, the other side just hasn't acknowledged that yet.

On the war on Iraq. Obama withdrew our troops and that ended that. Again, the other side just hasn't acknowledged that yet.

On international relations. Not a single ally trusts us, not a single adversary fears us.

On the economy. One in five families have no one employed.

This is sad. Is there anything he got right?


  1. If we deal with the one he has been, we're talking class president of Punahou kindergarten.

  2. I'm glad you read this for us Don. I saw it and couldn't get myself to do it. It is long, tedious and poorly written, sort of like an Obama speech. I personally dislike the machinations of the President but I know the final word is not in on his legacy( I expect a revision, probably downwards, in the next few days after his Hiroshima visit, so you might consider saving a few choice comments.)
    Obama always seems an angry man to me, a trait Aristotle, tutor to to Alexander the Great, liked in a warrior, but, writing 400 years later, Seneca, Nero's personal tutor when the volatile emperor was in his teens, considered it the greatest of detriments in both war and politics. Seneca thought anger arose from a basic weakness in character that could not be fixed, always reacting to events, never controlling them. Indeed his young charge went on to murder his mother and eventually demand his tutor's suicide. Obama is not a world conqueror nor a psychopathic artist, but he does have a kind of vengeful vibe about him that I think has held him back from maximizing the great opportunities he was offered to be more than just the first of his race.
    But perhaps feckless arrogance will be considered a virtue by future clones of Mr Maraniss, who knows.
    The WaPo once seemed to be separating itself from the sniveling moral cowardice of the NYT, even showing some integrity, but I guess the modern Croesus Bezos, who seems to have bought the paper as a toy, has made sure no truth will ever be spoken to power by it if a single Amazon customer might take offense. Not one.

  3. Big D, in answer to your question: No. Nuff said.

  4. Well ... try to "think positive".

    What has Obama actually managed to accomplish?

    He's helped at least a small part of the American business sector by boosting gun sales to previously undreamt-of heights.

    He's helped fight the "war on obesity" by convincing millions of American schoolchildren that it's in their own interests to skip school lunch.

    And we can't forget his being the Father of the Islamic Atomic Bomb (though despite all his efforts, that hasn't quite happened yet, so we can't give him full credit ... for now).

    Maybe of less note is that he finally drove a stake through Truman's aphorism about where the buck stops; I'm sure future US presidents will appreciate Obama's pioneering work in this area.

    1. Gun comment...two thumbs up. My son was an apolitical drifter before Barack and got mad when I brought up politics. Now he owns a 22 and 45 and told me two weeks ago he's leaning Trump. So, yeah, way to be, Obama!

  5. Anon, he's angry, but no warrior. I think is anger is at the white half of himself, and on to all white people.

    Tom? Ya done GOOOOOOOD.

  6. obama's legacy will be measured in rounds of golf and vacation days.

  7. "Obama's legacy"?

    When judging a President's legacy, the true test is to imagine them saying, "Our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor".

    If you can't imagine it without laughing or wincing, then their "legacy" is just so much trash.

    Reagan, I can imagine saying it without reacting adversely.

    A Clinton or an Obama? No way.

    1. Can you imagine any Democrat every uttering ..

      "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.
      This much we pledge—and more."

      I'm told JFK was a Democrat.

    2. "Can you imagine any Democrat every uttering"

      No, not in the 21st Century, I can't. Which out of Obama. Clinton and Sanders can you imagine saying it?

      Having served in the war might have given JFK a functioning bullsh*t detector that the other three lack.

  8. I hope the next president is a Republican. I hope he believes in and respects Conservative values. And I hope on Day 1 immediately following his inauguration he issues a presidential executive order that annuls every one of Obama's executive orders. The way the next president should approach Obama's legacy is to start erasing it, until nothing is left of it but a faint memory of our national nightmare. Every trace of The One must be "disappeared," one page of our nation's history at a time.

  9. We have to be brutally honest: he was America's first affirmative action President. But he also is leaving another, more disturbing legacy: that of a lawless administration. A terrible Precedent to set up for future Presidents.

    1. That's what Affirmative Action does, making all decisions untrustworthy.

  10. Actually, Obama is only half black.

  11. Obama Legacy = 1st president to hate his countrymen.

    Gary S

  12. On the economy. One in five families have no one employed.
    re the first family, employed; yes, working;no.

  13. The black Jimmah Carter, except even Jimmah was more competent. Oblunder is what we see when affirmative action meets the Peter Principle.