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Thursday, April 14, 2016

New York Panic for Hillary

Looks like New York's former senator may lose New York while Donald Trump gets a yuge win.

If so, do not tell me New York is not in play for Republicans for the first time since 1988.

Of course, Ted Cruz and the Republican Establishment have written off New York because they are political geniuses.

From Politico on tonight's Bernie-Hillary debate:
Clinton, for her part, accused Sanders of not being a Democrat and of being ill-informed about the backbone issue of his campaign: breaking up the big banks. The Democratic front-runner — who established her hefty delegate lead thanks in large part to support from African-American voters — will walk onto the debate stage fresh off an unusually tone-deaf moment: her perplexing participation in a racially charged joke on stage at a weekend event with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, which she has yet to fully explain.
The fact that they are debating tells you something about her rear-view mirror.

But Politico said the Democratic Establishment fights back:
Local Democratic operatives said Sanders attacks on Clinton’s ties to Wall Street, which may resonate elsewhere, do not appear to be sinking in with an electorate that knows her personally from her years as a senator and might not play well here on a debate stage. “New York union members know what she did after 9/11,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union. “She didn’t come across while she was senator here as being a cheerleader for Wall Street.”
A ringing Clinton endorsement from the New York Daily News that simultaneously eviscerated Sanders as a “fantasist who’s at passionate war with reality” also threatens to deprive the senator of much-needed momentum. The paper, read primarily by African-American and working class New Yorkers, targets exactly the voters among whom Sanders was hoping to make inroads in the five boroughs.
If people are forgiving the money-grubbing Clinton because she represented them for eight years, how forgiving will they be for Trump who has been a New Yorker for all of his nearly 70 years on Earth?


  1. I still can't figure out what she did as Senator. She is not a New Yorker, she moved there to run for office. Trump is not my guy but I think he can win in many of the states that the Democrats usually count on like New York and New Jersey and he will do ok in Florida and the south.

  2. Hillary is the classic carpetbagger in reverse - she went from Arkansas to New York rather than from New York to West Virginia (see John D. Rockefeller IV). She is not in it for her love of serving the public, patriotism, or any other positive reason. "It's all about the money, boys!" - Elric

  3. The Daily Dirt is a Lefty rag, but people love Bernie.

    As for who's the better Democrat (notice this is like the One True Ted vs Trump?), Bernie is today's Democrat (finally) and Hillary is yesterday's Democrat, not to mention news.

  4. How dare she question Sander's self-identification in this race as a Democrat? If a white person self-identifies as a black person, are we allowed to question their judgement? Of course not! If a man self-identifies as a woman, who are we to dispute the biology and the anatomy? The Democrats keep telling the world, you are who you say you are. Bernie is running as a Democrat. Hillary must take him at his word. If not, then she's not a true Democrat.

  5. Who wins the primary in a state does not tell who will win it in the general. It depends on how many vote for them, and how many are crossover voters of Operation Chaos. If candidate A gets half the votes of candidate B who happens to get the nomination, then that state will probably go to the loser. Just say'n.

  6. The MSM/DNC axis has declared Hillary! to be the next President of the United States. So there is no way she will lose her "home" state.

    In a few days Hillary! will emerge victorious from the New York primary. The party Establishment will see to that, and will not allow the proles to mess it up for her.

  7. “She didn’t come across while she was senator here as being a cheerleader for Wall Street.”

    Seemed like it from here. Speeches for $200K and up, they paid. And paid. And paid.