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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Never Trumpers are dumber than Obama about the bitter clingers

A small hint of light peeked through the pages of the National Review, the oldest and most Establishment Republican publication in Washington and the most fervently anti-Trump organization in America. Victor Davis Hanson had an epiphany: Hey, maybe these xenophobic, Islamophobic, racist, poorly educated Trump supporters have a point.

Nyah. I tease. Hanson penned another clumsy, hackneyed article that supports the Never Trump argument that Washington conservatives know better than you who should be our next president.

Hanson began by asking a loaded question: "Why do the angry white poor and working class support the unlikely populist Donald Trump — a spoiled bully who made and lost fortunes in part by gaming the system, who seems to take gratuitous rudeness and cruelty as a birthright, whose lifestyle is symptomatic of American excess, and who for the last half-century has embraced no ideology other than Trump, Inc.?"

Frankly, given the mess conservatives and liberals have made, not having an ideology is a plus. In fact, not having an ideology other than making a buck led to the great achievements of our nation from railroads to Model Ts, and from television to Google.

But Hanson never got around to answering his question. That is because he never looked at Trump's supporters as human beings. He just assumed that all of Trump's voters are white and that is all they are: their color. Because of his assumptions, I doubt seriously if he has a friend who supports Trump. If he did, he would not dismiss Trump supporters as being a bunch of racists.

Of course the real racist in all this is Hanson who used the word white 31 times in the 1,959-word missive. He ignored Trump's supporters from other races. His dismissive "angry white poor and working class" is the same epithet liberals hurled at Reagan supporters, the Gingrich Revolution, and the Tea Party.

His fellow travelers in the anti-democratic Never Trump movement praised his work. I found it shallow and lacking.

Not once in the article did Hanson mention just what people are angry about. The word immigration does not appear in the article, nor does The Wall, nor does free trade. For while he pretended to understand and analyze the "angry white poor and working class," he really just tossed to his colleagues the trite anti-Trump truffles that the Conservative Commentariat are addicted to this season:
His supporters would prefer to lose with Trump than win with a sober and judicious politician such as Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan. If Trump or Hillary is elected as a result of white-middle-class furor or abdication, the Republican establishment pays either way. Trump’s constituents see him as their first and last chance at getting back at their enemies and, more importantly, the enablers of their enemies. Trump is a gladiator, and his supporters are shrieking, thumbs-down spectators. Sheathing his blood-stained blade would empty the stadium and put him back on The Apprentice. Does a Kim Kardashian suddenly stop flashing her boobs on YouTube in worry over what others might think?
Um, You Tube would pull such a video if it existed anywhere except Hanson's mind. But, whatever, as they say.

Hanson's colleague, Kevin Williamson, earlier penned a "Father Fuhrer" column, which called for rural American towns to die. Hanson was just as clueless in his column:
Trump is a dangerously effective classic demagogue not because the working white poor are empty-vessel racists, but rather because he has split white America along class lines and has, among the Republicans, who are already the minority party, opened a self-destructive Pandora’s box of white resentments toward wealthy whites who use their education, family ties, networks, income, and money to leverage privilege while caricaturing or deprecating poor and middle-class whites. Poorer whites can live with the perceived injury of the well-connected and well-educated white elite capitalizing on the age of globalization, of huge and bankrupt government, and of politically correct multiculturalism, but not with the perceived insults that are central to the elite career and psyche. In an age of La Raza (“The Race”) and (only) Black Lives Matter, how exactly did the Republican establishment think the white working classes would eventually react to the new hyphenated America? With a week’s escape to Provincetown or commiseration at a B-list D.C. party? Tribalism for thee, but not for me?

Thick cut and liberal baloney.

First, there is no white America. There are places where the white population is higher than average. West Virginia is the third whitest state and the least Hispanic; one of its three congressmen is Hispanic. But West Virginia is less white than the U.S. Senate (98 percent).

Second, most white people could not care less about their race. The real reaction to Black Lives Matter and La Raza is a rejection of race as a crutch. Most white people know enough black people to realize Black Lives Matter is basically the klan for black people: a source of embarrassment.

Third, Hanson just like the liberals in Washington wants to divide people by race for political gain.

Fourth, Trump's support comes from his call to stop illegal immigration, deport the miscreants, and re-negotiate the free trade agreements that everyone in Washington likes.

Hanson substituted real complaints about the economy with a false narrative about race. Liberals did the same to Reagan, Gingrich and the Tea Party. But just like Barack Obama saw Pennsylvania in 2008, Hanson sees Trump supporters as bitter clingers, with two important differences.

One, Obama pointed out they were bitter because they were screwed by Washington economics.

Two, Obama never said white.

But Hanson did. 31 times.

However, Hanson only reflects his audience, a bunch of close-minded policy wonks who live in Washington and never have to deal with the problems their policies present. Free trade is to conservativism what Obamacare is to liberalism. And just as liberals dismissed as racist opposition to Obamacare, now conservatives dismiss as racist any complaint about free trade.


  1. Good summary. I read the article, too. Normally I really enjoy Victor Davis Hanson, but it seems that his association with National Review has been tainting some of his articles. Butter, meet bread. - Elric

  2. Wow. GREAT post Big D. If NR had any sense, they'd hire YOU to get their failing enterprise back on track. I let my subscription expire after 27 years as a reader because I couldn't take the Trump hate any longer. HE was the guy who said yesterday in Albany that Hillary is "guilty as hell." Donald continues to drive all of the really important conversations...

    Oh, and to Victor...I'm an Air Force Academy grad with 2 mill plus in total assets. But yeah, I'm white. The only thing you got right, Victor, is that I'm angry. And fearful for the future of this country.

    Big D, you are fast emerging as my go-to guy for The Truth. Again, super job!

  3. Well said. Hanson has a farm in central California but works at Stanford several days a week. Most of the articles I read by him have some dig at the swarms of illegals he has to live with near his home, their menacing attitude, their destructive behavior, etc. But Trump is a racist of course. What is always interesting to me in these essays by him and his friends like the WSJ is that they never ever have a real solution to their complaints. The solutions offered by Trump, including the wall, are of no interest to Mr Hanson, only his tales of woe stimulate him. Professor Hanson is an expert on the Peloponnesian War so he should remember the fate of the idealistic Melian Islanders who when threatened by the brutal and overwhelming force of the Athenians kept dithering and then placed their "hopes" on the expected help of their supposed allies,the entirely self interested and selfish Spartans, even after the Athenians offered a reasonable surrender deal to them. The Spartans never showed up, as the Athenians had predicted to the Melians with the famous statement "hope is a prodigal", so the men were executed, the women and children sold into slavery, and their territory used as a naval base against the Spartans.
    Hanson keeps hoping for help from those who will never give it to him and rejecting it from a man he fears but who will do as he says. Maybe he really doesn't want to change anything.

    1. So right on. BRILLIANT. Dude, you can write.

    2. Hanging your hopes for the country on a rude, crude demagogue is not the answer. If Trump is elected he will complain more than Obama about his problems being the failures of the previous president. Trump will solve nothing, but if you're in to empty platitudes, well he's your man. -skeneogden

    3. Nonnyass, you reply suck. Worse than Hanson or any of these other dudes. You have the same problem. You'd rather whine about everything without accepting any attempt at solutions. You keep asking Surber who he's supporting for governor of WV, but you've never said who you support for president. Well, who is it? If it is some idealized non-person who is not running, I'd suggest you leave the commenting on this site to people who live in the real world. If it is a real person, then you'd better be prepared to defend your positions. Simply sitting back and taking pot shots with no skin in the game is the mark of a coward. I think your yellow.

    4. well mr sveldt, my son at least agrees with you but since he can't stand HC he is going to vote for mr Crude. Better a smart guy who is an old sense patriot, wishing to help but more to do no harm, than someone worthy only of Leavenworth

  4. Very good Don, being a #never Trump=#always
    Hillary guy I concur. Hanson should stick to history...
    TG McCoy

  5. You can have free trade and you can have relatively open immigration. They both can be a net good.

    But you can't have free trade and open immigration with a high regulatory/licensing scheme of crony socialism. You can't bring in the hordes and back the people up against a regulatory cliff.

    If you are going to displace the jobs of the citizens, you can't demand a high regulatory rent to start and run new enterprises. You can't mix open economics with government-guided enterprise and increasingly state-strangled (in the incubator) enterprise.

    If they don't like Trump's ideas, then they should run on cutting the regulatory rent demanded, rolling back the bureaucratic oppression of business, stringent controls on immigrants ending up on social programs, etc.

    Instead they whine. They whine because their crony socialist benefactors want them to whine.

  6. "His supporters would prefer to lose with Trump than win with a sober and judicious politician such as Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan."

    "Winning" with a Democrat-lite career politician like Bush or Ryan is in reality a loss because it does nothing to reverse the century-long effort by Liberals to abandon the aspirational ideas and principles that led to the birth of this nation. There is no better time than now to bring the Liberal betrayal to a halt. If not now, when? If not Trump, who?

    1. "His supporters would prefer to lose with Trump than win with a sober and judicious politician such as Jeb Bush or Paul Ryan."

      I continually notice that the oh so smart people who say this just assume that, of course! Jeb or Ryan would totally win the election without even having to try.

      Or as I heard on TV, "Objection! Assuming facts not it evidence."

      For some reason these #nevertrump'ers think that the Republican nominee just automatically is the winner in the general election.

    2. Some body doesn't get it yet. The Establishment plan was not to win with Jeb, it was to have another loser. They do not want to be the party in power, there isn't as much money in it. Witness 2012, they picked the one guy who could not go after Barry Soetoro's Achilles heel. Same in 2008, they force fed us the worst piece of crap in Washington short of running Robert KKK Byrd. The people who control the money that the GOPe is beholden to want Barry care. They want open borders and they want TPP. Take a long hard look at Rafael the Canadians voting record, and you will see a picture of what he really is, a Bank owned establishment hack.
      If he succeeds in blocking Trump, he will not get the nomination no matter how close a second place finish he has. At that point, the power brokers will drop their masks and it will be some scum like Jeb, Lyin Ryan, a Mittens redux, or worse.
      Trump aint perfect, but he is not a puppet of the money changers.