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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mock Bernie, get a letter from a lawyer

Comrade Bernie puts the heat on Capitalists for calling him Comrade, comrade.

A company called Liberty Fanatics is mocking Comrade Bernie Sanders with Red and White T-shirts.

Bernie is angry.

How dare the proletariat mock a member of the Politburo!

From BuzzFeed:
An online merchant has accused the Bernie Sanders campaign of “trademark bullying” after a Bernie 2016, Inc. attorney sent him a cease and desist letter regarding T-shirts, mugs, and sweatshirts depicting the candidate with historic communist leaders.
Claire Hawkins, a lawyer with Garvey, Schubert, Barer — which said it is “the official organization” of the campaign — sent the letter to Daniel McCall, demanding his company, Liberty Maniacs, stop selling the items.
The products show Sanders next Karl Marx, Joseph Stalin, and others with the tagline, “Bernie is my comrade.”
“I was surprised Bernie’s campaign would have done that,” McCall, who designed the image, told BuzzFeed News. “He didn’t seem to be the type of candidate, the type of guy, who would do something like this.”
“I’m waiting to see what happens, but I would think Bernie, or one of his staff members will step in and put an end to it. It appears to be pretty silly.”
Sanders is a public figure -- one of our employees.

Button it, buttercup.


  1. Threats to someone mocking him. Who does he think he is? Trump?

    1. You're wrong there, boss.

      Trump might bring out the heavy artillery in response to some threat against him or his business -- for example, any of the organized boycotts of or disassociations from the Trump brand.

      But his response to mocking is to either rhetorically hit back twice as hard or to ignore it altogether.

      I'm not aware, for example, of him trying to obtain any formal cease-and-desist order against the manufacturers of the Trump pinatas.

    2. Trump's lawyers have filed cease-and-desist orders against to Super PACs which were against him. And short memory if you forget that Trump threatened a cease-and-desist lawsuit against Cruz's "Donald is pro-choice" ad in the SC primary. Yea, real thick skinned the Donald is. NOT.

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  2. Another thin skinned socialist?

  3. Obviously Bernie is unfamiliar with the Streisand Effect.

  4. How dare you undermine the 5 year plan of T-Shirt collectivization, comrade?

  5. That is a GRRRRRRREAT shirt! After all, Bernie honeymooned with those guys.

  6. The Mt. Rushmore of collectivists, and Bernie is pissed? He must just be mad because he's not getting his cut.

  7. In 2008 there was a similar T-shirt with Obama in it instead of Bernie, which said: Socialists -- Spreading the Wealth Since 1917. The shirt was red in color with yellow letters and likenesses of the same historical figures drawn in the same order as on the copycat Bernie Shirt.

  8. Old joke from the Soviet era in Russia: A man is sentenced to 25 years at hard labor for carrying a sign saying "Khrushchev is a liar". Five years for libeling the Communist leader and 20 years for revealing state secrets.

  9. If you can't stand the heat... - Elric

  10. Bernie: No sense of humor. Proof of a true Socialist.